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Are you dreaming about visiting Ischia?

Do you want to beat the crowds of Capri and the Amalfi Coast and spend time in a beautiful, tranquil island in the bay of Naples?

Do you want to explore the island made famous by Elena Ferrante’s My Beautiful Friend? The island where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton made public their romance on the set of Cleopatra?

If you want a perfect vacation and want to travel to Ischia, I can make that happen for you.

You’ve been on those vacations where you’re on a bus and you’re one of twenty tourists go on a group. It’s not much fun, right? You see a lot, but it doesn’t feel very personal and you don’t feel like you get a chance to connect with the monuments and historic sites you’re visiting. You wish that could interact more with the guides and locals that you meet along the way.

Or maybe you’ve planned your own trip, but you feel like you’re spending too much time trying to figure out the logistics and if you do take the time to relax, you have a nagging feeling like maybe there’s something out there that you would really like to do, but you don’t want to spend your precious time figuring out what to do.

Why don’t you step it up and have your own personal travel planner for this vacation? You will have the most relaxed, fun vacation where you actually come home rejuvenated and filled with all the things you learned from your culinary, wine, trekking, history, and spa experiences that you would have never have gotten if you had done it on your own or with a group.

travel to ischia

Let me help you!

I’m Giovanna Coppola, a boutique travel planner and the creator of The Limonata Lounge. My mother is from Ischia and I visited Ischia almost every year with my family and friends for most of my life until I decided to live here full-time. But believe it or not, I didn’t really get a chance to discover ALL the things there are to do on the island until I moved here.

My vacations and holidays here growing up mostly consisted of long days at the beach (usually the same two or three), eating and spending time with family here. All wonderful ways to spend a holiday and if someone were to ask me if I knew the island, I would have said yes, of course. But, I was only scratching the top of the surface.

It’s not that there aren’t a lot of things to do, there are so many WONDERFUL things to do, it’s just that it’s hard to find out about all of them, especially online. Ischia is made up of 6 towns and they all communicate about their events in their own way – usually through flyers and the occasional Facebook event that they may post online at the last minute. The websites that do exist, are mostly in Italian and aren’t updated often and look dated.

This is part of the charm of the island, its community spirit requires people to talk to one another and know each other and pass information on through personal contact.

However, when you’re planning a trip on your own, you can get overwhelmed by having to Google countless websites and you’re still not sure if these are the places you really should see or want to see. You have a feeling that there’s more, but you can’t find it, you can’t put your finger on it.

This is how I can help! I will work with you to help you get the most out of your holiday in Ischia. Since I live here, I will find you the authentic experiences, the most fabulous food, and the most relaxing spas.

Personalized Boutique Travel Planning Services

Maybe you’re a well-traveled person who just needs some new ideas and information on things to do on the island and you’ll do the rest on your own. Or perhaps you are travelling with the entire family including grandma and the kids and you need full-on support for your stay on the island. I offer services that will fit your needs.

Spend less time on the details and allow me and my team on the island to create the best vacation you’ve ever had.

How I can help

All of the packages start with a free no obligation phone call where I will discover just what you need to thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Then you’ll easily be able to decide with my help which package is best for you.

Take a look at your holiday choices...

Ciao Bella Package

This package is for those of you who have already planned your trip and are comfortable with booking activities and restaurants on your own, but would like more info about what to do during your stay.

After our phone call, in which we discuss what type of holiday you are looking for, I will research all the events and activities that will occur during your time in Ischia and create a complete  itinerary for you with all the information you could possibly need for guides, activities, events and restaurants.

Prices depend on length of stay and number in party, but starts at $500 $250 (introductory offer).

Viva Gelato Package

This package is for you because you would like a more tailored itinerary for your trip and want to save time and stress figuring out your vacation activities.

After our free no obligation phone call, I will help you create an itinerary so that you have a relaxed yet fun-filled holiday. We’ll jump on the phone again so I can tell you about all your bookings and reservations. Once you’ve approved the itinerary, I will book everything for you and confirm your reservations shortly before you arrive.

Prices depend on length of stay and number in party, but starts at $800 $450 ((introductory offer).

Activity examples:

  • a private boat tour of the island
  • a cooking class at someone’s home
  • a hike through the vineyards with a stop for a wine tasting at a vineyard
  • a visit to a goat farm where they make cheese
  • a snorkeling trip to see Roman ruins on the sea bed
  • dinner at a mountain top restaurant where you can try the local rabbit
  • horseback riding up to the top of Mont Epomeo
  • a spa day at a world-class thermal water park
  • a heritage walking tour with a historian to discover your roots


Giovanna organized a wonderful trip for my family in Ischia. She was especially helpful with my 10-month old son. She did everything from finding us a babysitter so my partner and I could go scuba diving together, to getting a baby life jacket so we could all go on a boat tour. We really appreciated her suggestions on the best restaurants, beaches, and thermal parks for families. We’ve all had a lovely relaxing holiday playing in and around the water. – Rachel, London

Our family spent some time in Ischia this summer. Giovanna made the whole experience super smooth! We were given great recommendations on spas, beaches, restaurants, and activities suitable for couples with young children. She stepped in to help communicate with our Airbnb host when we needed and even found a babysitter to accompany us to the beach so me and my partner could go snorkeling together. Thanks for everything and see you next year! – Diogo, Lisbon

Are you ready to experience the island of Ischia?

Contact me below to set up a call to discuss your trip to Ischia and how I can help you have a fabulous and unforgettable trip!


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