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Normally, October is my least favourite month of the year. Summer fades away and in its place are dying leaves, cold air and Halloween. Pass me the puke bag, please. But this year I’m distracted and hardly notice that the earth is tilting away from my beloved sun, that last flash of beauty as nature sheds itself and prepares itself for winter’s sleep. I’m too busy cleaning, organising, making phone calls, booking a moving van and giving notice to our landlord. Because we’re doing it! We’re moving back to Italy. And I’m so fucking scared and so fucking excited and don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway.

We’re moving to Ischia, the island in the bay of Naples, nestled right into the volcanic bed of the Phlegrean Fields. Napoli and the towns that stud its velvet sulphuric cloak are in the lovely position of being ready to blow at any moment. O that beauty of straddling life and death, the paradox of simultaneous violence and joy, and the conviviality between reality and the imaginary. We’re going right to the heart of it ready to realise the dream of having our own lemon tree.

I’ll keep writing here about all the paradoxes, contradictions, culture clashes, panic attacks, spiritual adventures, Italian discoveries, gastronomic gut-busting orgasms, and lazy explorations of island life in the meridian. There’ll be a lot of joy in there, too.

Moving to Ischia - Boat
A boat waiting for its launch
Moving to Ischia - Morning
A crispy morning in September
Moving to Ischia - Castello at Sunrise
The Castello Aragonese at sunrise. You can see Capri to its right.
Moving to Ischia - Kitchen
And me sitting in the quiet morning not believing that this is really happening. Waiting for someone to tell me no, you can’t do it, but I’m doing it!




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  • happy #solstice! this is my favourite day of the year. when i was little, i wanted to get married on either the summer solstice or the 4th of july. instead i got married on my birthday. #iloveischia
  • It’s been a hot and busy week, but I got a chance to visit my favourite beach and restaurant, the first of many visits this season. #iloveischia
  • First warm sunny day of the season (finally!) and first spritz. #iloveischia
  • Bittersweet closing of the #Libereria bookshop. I’ve only gotten a short chance to get to know Barbara and the bookshop, but in this short time I’ve gotten to meet writers, take part in a book club that met once a week to read together, read books in English about Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein and Piero Manzoni to children, and help Barbara at the book fair #napolicittalibro. But not only that, the best thing was that tue bookshop and Barbara took me in and made me feel like a part of a community, not an easy thing to feel for an immigrant like myself. Although I’m sad, I have a feeling the spirit will live on and manifest itself into something else.
  • The views from the west side of the island make me anxious, too exposed to the open sea. Back during the 1500s , Forio was continuallly ransacked by pirate invaders and they rebuilt the village around a tower system and series of winding streets that gave the natives time to go to and hide in the towers. Maybe I’m picking up on those memories of terror. Anyway, while I was preparing my move to Ischia, the idea of being surrounded by the sea scared me. But still I moved here.

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Come to Ischia !