The map room at the Vatican

I’ve written a series of blog posts about moving to Italy and how to navigate various bureaucratic hurdles in order to move to and get settled in Italy.

These posts are based on my experience and the documents I needed to apply for various things in Italy such as citizenship, the permesso di soggiorno, residency, and the Italian driver’s license. The documents needed for these applications and the process can very from region to region and comune to comune around Italy and sadly it’s difficult to get concrete information on the Internet or even in person until you start going through the process. Mostly you learn as you go along.

I’ve written these posts as a guide to what you can expect, but please bear in mind that the person you talk to on the day that you apply may require something different or give you different information.

Italian documents you need as a resident of Italy:

Surviving as an expat:

My experiences abroad:



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