Shopping for a Moka Coffee Pot

I usually drink tea first thing in the morning, but since we got a coffee grinder, I’ve been making stovetop espresso coffee. I LOVE hearing that metallic whirrrrrr pulverizing the beans first thing in the morning. It gets me excited to start the day.

We have two stovetop coffee pots at home, a 1-cup and a 6 cup. Both the classic Bialetti, otherwise known as the Moka Express. A moka pot is the common word for stovetop coffee pots, which most people in Italy simply shorten it to moka. The moka pot  has three units – the bottom part that holds the water, the middle filter cup that holds the ground coffee, and the top part where the coffee is released. The process starts by placing the pot on the stove. Once the water starts to boil in the bottom part, the steam travels upwards through the ground coffee and into the pressure valve where the final coffee is released into the top part.

Bialetti made the first moka in 1933, the classic that is in millions of Italian households. For years, my mom made coffee for herself with a 4-cup moka and drank it out of a mug until the doctor told her to cut it out.

I’m looking for a 3-cup italian coffee pot now that I’m drinking coffee, too, in the morning. There are so many designs out there! I’m taking my time shopping for a new one and I’ve put together a little list for you all that may be looking for one, too. Even if you have one, you can always use another one if you have guests.

I’m leaning towards the Bialetti Venus (No. 2) Which ones do you like?

Moka Coffee Pots

1. Bialetti Classico   2. Bialetti Venus   3. Lagostina   4. Vintage Guzzini   5. Tescoma  6. Alessi Conica  7. Alessi Moka designed by Richard Sapper

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  • This is one of the dirt roads that takes me home during the summer. Walking here on a hot quiet afternoon reminds me when I was little and all the grownups took naps and I got to do my own secret things unobserved and in peace. #iloveischia
  • happy #solstice! this is my favourite day of the year. when i was little, i wanted to get married on either the summer solstice or the 4th of july. instead i got married on my birthday. #iloveischia
  • It’s been a hot and busy week, but I got a chance to visit my favourite beach and restaurant, the first of many visits this season. #iloveischia
  • First warm sunny day of the season (finally!) and first spritz. #iloveischia
  • Bittersweet closing of the #Libereria bookshop. I’ve only gotten a short chance to get to know Barbara and the bookshop, but in this short time I’ve gotten to meet writers, take part in a book club that met once a week to read together, read books in English about Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein and Piero Manzoni to children, and help Barbara at the book fair #napolicittalibro. But not only that, the best thing was that tue bookshop and Barbara took me in and made me feel like a part of a community, not an easy thing to feel for an immigrant like myself. Although I’m sad, I have a feeling the spirit will live on and manifest itself into something else.

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