10 ways living in Italy has changed me

At the moment, as I’m going through a heavy bureaucratic period in my life, I’ve been thinking about how much Italy has changed me. I had major surgery in Naples back in December and I’m now dealing with the aftermath of doctor visits and further tests. That part is straightforward, but along with that comes the bureaucratic mayhem of getting referrals and prescriptions, filling out forms, and navigating the labyrinthine system of requesting hospital records.…

What’s winter like in Ischia

Many people ask me what’s winter like in Ischia. When I was growing up in New York, we would visit my family in Naples every summer. Up until I moved to Rome in July 2009, I only knew Italy in the summer. Since then I got a chance to see what life was like at different times of the year. But I never experienced winter on an island until we moved to Ischia in December…

Day trip to the island of Procida

On a warm day in October, me and my friend Christa, who was visiting Ischia, decided to spend the day in Procida. Neither of us had any idea of what we wanted to do or see there, so we just went and wandered the streets. Procida is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Ischia. It’s much smaller than Ischia with a population of about 10,000 residents (Ischia has about 70,000 full-time residents). Ferries run…

Buon Anno 2020! Happy New Year!

Buon Anno 2020! This is one of my favourite times of the year, a season of renewal and hope, getting ready for the coming green of spring. The days start to get longer and while there are still a few months of winter, we have so much forward to look forward to. Last New Year’s there were some things of 2018 that I wanted to leave behind – a job and a bad friendship, but…

Hospitals in Napoli

No one wants to think about hospitals in Napoli, but when something happens you unfortunately have to think about them. The wrapping up 2019 turned into an unexpected health scare and surgery. After spending 10 days at a hospital in Napoli, I’m home now and slowly recovering. If you’re curious about healthcare in Italy and Napoli, read on. Hospitals in Napoli I’ve heard lots of scary stories about hospitals in Napoli, about the lack of…

Hi! I'm Giovanna, an Italian-American living on the island of Ischia with my Italian partner Marituccio. Up until December 2017, I was living in London, but now I've fulfilled my life long dream to live in Italy full time with a house full of cats and a lemon tree. You can read here about Ischia, Italian life and what it's like to live abroad.

my interview in Italy Magazine

my interview in Italy Magazine

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