Hospitals in Napoli

No one wants to think about hospitals in Napoli, but when something happens you unfortunately have to think about them. The wrapping up 2019 turned into an unexpected health scare and surgery. After spending 10 days at a hospital in Napoli, I’m home now and slowly recovering. If you’re curious about healthcare in Italy and Napoli, read on. Hospitals in Napoli I’ve heard lots of scary stories about hospitals in Napoli, about the lack of…

Can you drink the water in Ischia? (with a tiny history lesson)

Can you drink the water Ischia? Short answer: Absolutely. I drink the tap water here and quite like the taste. Back in the Hudson Valley we had a water softener at our house and the water was salty, while the water in New York City was treated with chlorine and had a chlorine taste. The water here tastes much better.  So if you’d like to save money on bottled water and avoid using plastic as…

Studio tour of Keramos d’Ischia in Forio, Ischia

If you walk around the island for awhile, you’ll notice there are beautifully coloured ceramics everywhere from window sills to doorways, from street signs to restaurant signs, from gorgeous murals on the front of buildings to tiny tiles of house numbers. If you take a close look, you may notice that in the corner of many of these signs is written Keramos d’Ischia. These custom hand-made signs come from the ceramics shop Keramos d’Ischia in…

5 Ways to improve your Italian

For all of you learning Italian, I’ve put together 5 ways to improve your Italian using online resources. I use these all the time as I’m always trying to improve my Italian. Even though I grew up with the Neapolitan dialect spoken at home, I didn’t start studying Italian until I was in my 20s. Up until then, whatever I spoke was a mottled broken dialect, learned all by ear and mixed with English and…

Walking around the Giardini La Mortella

Ischia keeps surprising me. As soon as I start to think I’m beginning to understand the island, it suddenly shows another side to me. It’s a volcanic island with fertile soil and has a rich agricultural and wine-making history. But it also has a famous residential botanical garden, visited by garden historians and enthusiasts from around the world – i Giardini La Mortella in Forio. British composer William Walton and his Argentian wife Susana Walton…

Hi! I'm Giovanna, an Italian-American living on the island of Ischia with my Italian partner Marituccio. Up until December 2017, I was living in London, but now I've fulfilled my life long dream to live in Italy full time with a house full of cats and a lemon tree. You can read here about Ischia, Italian life and what it's like to live abroad.

my interview in Italy Magazine

my interview in Italy Magazine

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