Eating is Fun! Just Ask These Italians.

I think eating is the funnest thing to do! I love hanging out and eating with my friends. Especially if it’s at one of our houses. But in London it gets difficult because people would rather meet up for a drink than go to someone’s house for dinner. Maybe because there are more people in a pub or bar and on an empty stomach, you have the fast chance to get drunk and make out with someone. But shit, eating is social, and you can have better conversations when you’re high on protein.

Check out this San Pelligrino ad. It features the actor Pierfrancesco Favino (who I never realised was so hot until I saw him tossing salt over his shoulder.) Anyway, it’s the middle of the night in a hotel in Shanghai and he’s jetlagged, rolling around in his sheets wearing his tailored suit. (Always the bella figura). So what does he do? He calls up his travel buddies and they break into the kitchen and cook some pasta. In suits.

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It’s like it’s the Fourth of July and they just saw an epic firework display. They’re HAPPY. Instead of just eating some snack by themselves and suffering alone, they get to cook and eat together and then go to bed with a full stomach and a nice buzz.


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  • This is one of the dirt roads that takes me home during the summer. Walking here on a hot quiet afternoon reminds me when I was little and all the grownups took naps and I got to do my own secret things unobserved and in peace. #iloveischia
  • happy #solstice! this is my favourite day of the year. when i was little, i wanted to get married on either the summer solstice or the 4th of july. instead i got married on my birthday. #iloveischia
  • It’s been a hot and busy week, but I got a chance to visit my favourite beach and restaurant, the first of many visits this season. #iloveischia
  • First warm sunny day of the season (finally!) and first spritz. #iloveischia
  • Bittersweet closing of the #Libereria bookshop. I’ve only gotten a short chance to get to know Barbara and the bookshop, but in this short time I’ve gotten to meet writers, take part in a book club that met once a week to read together, read books in English about Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein and Piero Manzoni to children, and help Barbara at the book fair #napolicittalibro. But not only that, the best thing was that tue bookshop and Barbara took me in and made me feel like a part of a community, not an easy thing to feel for an immigrant like myself. Although I’m sad, I have a feeling the spirit will live on and manifest itself into something else.

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