DIY: the neatest and easiest little notebooks in the world

I love filling up notebooks with ideas, drawings, and photos and it makes it even cooler when I make the notebooks myself. These little ones can be used for anything: keeping passwords, shopping lists, or something more personal and artistic.

These 10-page notebooks are really easy to make. I used a sewing machine to sew the pages together which makes it really fun especially if you want to make a lot of notebooks at once (great for gifts!) I sewed a bunch while listening to The Moth’s Radio Hour.


1 single A4 sheet of paper

one piece of paper that you’d like to use for the cover (I used a card stock of 220 gsm)

sewing machine

scissors or paper cutter

rubber stamps, washi tape, etc to decorate your cover

1. Take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half, than again in half and then again. I used a bone folder (you could use the end of a pair of scissors or some other heavy tool) to score the paper and make the edges nice and crisp.

2. Cut the paper along the middle vertical and horizontal creases to get four folded pieces of paper.

3. Measure and cut your cover so there is about half an inch around the edges of the white paper so it can sit nicely inside.

4. Sew the pages into the cover down the crease. This should be easy to line up the creases. I started a bit down the middle of the pages since I didn’t want to oversew and create two many holes in the paper.

The sewn bit looks like a scar!

5. The best part-Decorate your cover and fill up the inside!

If you don’t like the way the sewn cover looks, you can use washi tape along the spine to give it a nice look (and bit of added fortification).

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  1. Frederic wrote:

    Much I think I can do that..looks easy

    Posted 4.7.14 Reply
  2. Teresa wrote:

    These are so cute!! Love the look of the blog!!

    Posted 4.7.14 Reply


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