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Part 1: Step by step process of getting a Permesso di Soggiorno for a spouse of an Italian/EU citizen (motivi familiari)

I had a difficult time getting the exact information of the kind of PdS I needed and how to apply for one and I needed to search tons of websites online in both English and Italian in order to get the correct information. I still didn’t get it all correct as I couldn’t find a complete list of the documents that I needed and I had to go to the Questura twice in order to…

Getting Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

UPDATE (on 16 July July 2021): I’ve finally got my Italian citizenship. You can read about it here. UPDATE (on 18 January 2021): The wait time for receiving citizenship has gone back to 24 months (with the possibility of it being extended to 36 months). This is a new law and only applies to those who have applied after 20 December 2020. I wrote a blog post about it here. UPDATE (on 10 April 2019):…

How to Get into Europe

Since immigration laws for non-EU citizens in Europe are getting stricter by the minute, if you’re really serious about moving to Europe and staying here, you’ll need a visa. Laws also change quickly, so please check the consulate or embassy page for up-to-date information. How to Get into Europe The EU is made up of two zones: the Schengen area and the non-Schengen area. The non-Schengen area consists of Ireland and the UK. The Schengen…


Come to Ischia

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