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Shopping for a Moka Coffee Pot

I usually drink tea first thing in the morning, but since we got a coffee grinder, I’ve been making stovetop espresso coffee. I LOVE hearing that metallic whirrrrrr pulverizing the beans first thing in the morning. It gets me excited to start the day. We have two stovetop coffee pots at home, a 1-cup and a 6 cup. Both the classic Bialetti, otherwise known as the Moka Express. A moka pot is the common word…

The Spritz – A Classic Venetian Drink

“Dude, dude. We got a situation,” Davide said to me, meaning only one thing. I had just felt the first rumble of my stomach and was so excited he was hungry, too. I sunk to one knee and did a fist pump. “YES!” It was a hot afternoon in the Veneto and we were at his parents. They were taking a nap and it was the perfect moment to sneak out of the house and…


Come to Ischia

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