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Getting Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

UPDATED: *16 Oct 2017 Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in ‘Marriage Italian Style’   I’ve recently applied for my Italian citizenship. (Thank you, Marituccio!) And while my application was accepted and I had my appointment at the Italian consulate in London, I now have to sit and wait for maximum of two years to get […]

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How to Get into Europe

Since immigration laws for non-EU citizens in Europe are getting stricter by the minute, if you’re really serious about moving to Europe and staying here, you’ll need a visa. Laws also change quickly, so please check the consulate or embassy page for up-to-date information. How to Get into Europe The EU is made up of […]

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The Fiascos of Moving to Italy – My Story

“But if your parents are Italian, that meansĀ  you can get citizenship, right?” If only it were that easy! That’s what I thought while growing up. That everyone was just too lazy to haul ass to the Consulate in New York and get me my passport. By the time I finally made it when I […]

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