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A collection of books on food writing

Five Books on Food Writing to Make You Love Life

Food is the centre of my life. Being hypoglycaemic, I have to eat proper meals with timed snacks so I don’t function like a turd. Basically, when my blood sugar level goes down, all my years of social conditioning from infancy to adulthood disintegrate and I turn into a rabid animal. I can’t listen, I […]

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10 Ways to Have a Beautiful, Crazy, and Colourful Christmas

This will be our second Christmas away from family, so I want to make home feel like something exciting and important is about to happen. The end of the year is going to be about dreams, colour, light and scented hallucinogenic wonder. So here I am wearing flannel, listening to Pink Martini’s holiday album and […]

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How to Lose Pounds and Move to Europe

During my mid-twentites, I lived in New York City. One of the best parts about it was that I was close to the airport. I’d look up see that particular blue and think about how the Atlantic Ocean was reflected in that sky. The ocean was right there and Europe was on the other side. […]

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Saturday Afternoon: Borough Market

I found myself outside of London Bridge on Saturday with an afternoon to spare so I wandered around Borough Market, a food and vegetable market. A pretty place to people watch: aesthetic displays of fruit and vegetables, stands made of wood, and a rustic colour palette of evergreen and ivory pulled everything together. I found […]

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