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DIY: One Egg for Easter

Colouring eggs for Easter never got me excited and I was happy to let go of that tradition once I turned into a pre-pubescent obsessed with the Beatles.

But my cousin Angelisa in Oregon dyed some eggs with her kids using natural dye and I thought they looked neat. So for this post, I’m getting into a mental time machine and retreating to my childhood. Vroom.

I’m going to dye one egg with one colour.

FYI: The Kitchn has a great post on naturally dying eggs with a list of different dyes you can make using yellow onions, red onions, beets, and others. Check it out here.

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This is what I did:

1. I went to the farmer’s market just below my flat and I got a red cabbage.

2. I chopped up about a cup’s worth (half a pint) and put it in a saucepan filled halfway with water and turned up the heat. Once it started to boil, I covered it and brought it down to a simmer and left it on the stove for about 30 minutes. I wanted a really nice deep purplish red colour for the dye.

I only needed enough dye for one egg, so I didn’t fill up the entire pan.

3. I removed it from the stove then brought it to the living room in front of the open window to let it cool down to room temperature. I looked outside the window for a little while.

4. Once cool, I strained the liquid into a bowl and added a tablespoon of vinegar.

Look at that purple! I was careful and didn’t splash any on myself.


5. I put a hardboiled egg in a jar (which I boiled while waiting for the cabbage to cool) and covered it up with the dye and vinegar mixture. I stuck it in the fridge and then tried to think of something else. I let it stay there overnight.

6. Easter morning I jumped out of bed to go to the fridge to look at my egg.


And I made a pretty egg! It got a bit scratched from taking it out with the spoon, but I love its banged up body.



All Things Yellow

I’m on the prowl for yellow things. If you come over one day, you may find these at home since I can’t get this colour out of my head.  Yellow is waking me up and shaking me out of my boots.  And these things are pretty cheap.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 23.44.44Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 23.31.38

















1. Zebra Bathmat, H&M Home, £7.99

2. Lula Yellow Table Lamp, Habitat, on sale now £20

3. Hyfsad Yellow Bowl, Ikea, £10

4. Cotton Cushion Cover, H&M Home, £3.99