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YAY It’s Time to Make an Advent Calendar

YAY It’s Time to Make an Advent Calendar

Let’s count down the days to the end of the year with an advent calendar! Let’s get ready for Christmas and winter with a bang! Thinking about it is raising up my adrenaline and I’m gagging with excitement!

Advent calendars made me so happy when I was little. I loved those 2D dollhouses that you opened up the windows and got to see what was going on inside. Everyday was special when you had a window to open.

The fun thing about making your own advent calendar is that you can put anything you want behind the windows. What are you thinking about, what do you want to have happen, what do you want to see?  I wanted to make mine a home and contain all of the best memories of this year, all of me and D’s secret desires and dreams for the futre.

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Let me show you how I made it.

DIY: A messy version of a gallery wall

I have a phobia of blank white walls, so I put up things right away and then I slowly change and add things. Since moving into our own place, I’ve been collecting pictures and frames from the charity shops in my neighbourhood. I like the mix of colours, the dirty, broken frames and the gems that are inside of them. I’m not too picky as long as it’s cheap.

I’ve been thinking of doing a gallery wall for a long time for the wall above the couch.

My favourite find is the needlepoint cock on the right. I love it!

I read about it on various blogs and there are lots of layouts (check out pinterest) and I quickly became overwhelmed. I wanted to make a nice wall, but I’m lazy. Most of the posts I read were about selecting matching frames, cutting mounts for the pictures, taping cardboard mockups of the frames to the wall before hammering in the nails, using a level to make sure nothing is out of place, etc. There are beautiful hangings out there, but I was looking for more of an an imperfect mess.

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Here are instructions for your own messy gallery wall.

1. Make a sketch of the layout you want on your wall. I had lots of frames and pictures that I had hanging around the house, some already hanging and some perched on the window sills and bookshelves.

2. Get to hanging. You can use a tape measurer for good measure (haha) or you can be like me and do it by eye. Make a lot of mistakes as you realise that you didn’t realise before you started hammering that the frames had their hangings in different places on the backing. So what if you put some extra holes in the wall?  You’ll bitch about it when it comes to patching them all up on moving day, but for now just cover them with your pretty pictures.

3. Make some additions or adjustments. My original sketch didn’t take into account that the pictures were placed slightly to the right so they weren’t centered over the couch. So I added another row on the left, turning a skinny mirror vertically and added an etching and a little painting I did one night when I was drunk.

Et Voila! A little bit mismatched and not totally straight, a pretty imperfect mess. I like how the vertical mirror turns the reflection into another picture. What do you think?