Getting Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

UPDATE (on 24 February 2019): As of 5 December 2018, the process for Italian citizenship via marriage has changed in the following ways:

  1. Application fee has been raised to 250 euros
  2. Waiting time to receive citizenship (starting from the date your application has been accepted by the consulate abroad or the prefettura in Italy) has increased from 24 months to 48 months.
  3. Applicants are now required to possess knowledge of the Italian language at a minimum of B1 level (lower-intermediate). You must either have a diploma certified by a state-run or private school in Italy or have a certificate issued by an accredited language institution (belonging to the CLIQ System -currently Siena University for foreigners, Perugia University for foreigners, University of Roma Tre, and Dante Alighieri Society.) See Italian Language Courses Abroad that can issue the relative certificate.

It’s still unclear at what point you will be requested to show your language certificate or if the new language requirement applies to only new applicants who have uploaded their applications to the Ministero dell’Interno website after 4 December 2018, or for all applicants who are in the process of gaining Italian citizenship. I’ve emailed the Prefettura di Venezia for information, but they ignored that part of my question. As the process will take a long time anyway, I will take a language exam to gain the certification just in case.

I’ve recently applied for my Italian citizenship. (Thank you, Marituccio!) And while my application was accepted and I had my appointment at the Italian consulate in London, I now have to sit and wait for maximum of two years to get my letter that says I’m officially Italian.

For those of you who have to go through the same thing, I’m going to tell you how to do it.

  1. Collect the documents (see below)
  2. Prepare yourself to spend some cash on translations, certifications, fingerprints, and apostilles.
  3. Submit your application and upload your documents online at the Ministero dell’Interno website (also known as ALI).
  4. The consulate will view your application and either accept it, deny it, or accept it with reservations (which happened to me because I uploaded the documents in the wrong way. Make sure when you upload, keep the documents — such as criminal records – state, FBI, and translations, all in one pdf)
  5. Once the consulate accepts your application you will be called in for an interview to hand in your documents, sign the application and pay for the certifications of the photocopies of you and your spouse’s passports and translation of the UK police certificate.
  6. The consulate will send your documents to the Ministero dell’Interno where they will then process it and then inform the consulate. You will then get a letter that you are officially an Italian citizen.

Time frame – I applied online in Dec 2016 and didn’t get my appointment at the consulate until Oct 2017. In the meantime, I wrote to the consulate numerous times and only when I told them that I was moving back to Italy that I got a response — first they looked at my application online and then they called me for an interview. The consulate has been swamped since Brexit as everyone and their mother in the UK that’s eligible for citizenship is applying and there are only two (TWO) people processing citizenship applications. I feel for them and understand that people in the consulates across the world are overworked. So, be prepared to wait.

If you apply for citizenship within Italy, the process can be a lot faster. Once we move to Italy, I may hear from the Italian government sooner as the answer will no longer have to go through the consulate, but I’m preparing myself for the worst and maybe I’ll be presently surprised.

(While Italian bureacracy is a soul-crushing bitch, after seeing what other friends and family members have gone through, this isn’t as complicated as getting British citizenship or a US greencard.)

Italian Citizenship through Marriage — documents you need

If you are married to an Italian citizen, you are eligible for citizenship after being 2 years of marriage if you reside in Italy and 3 years if you live abroad. (You can apply after 18 months no matter where you are if you have a child together). If you reside abroad, your spouse must be registered with l’AIRE (l’Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero) at the nearest Italian Consulate where you live. When we decided to get married, I was like to D, “Dood, you gotta do it.” Otherwise anything that he wanted to do he would have to go to Italy (get a new ID card, renew passport, register marriage, etc).

Since I’m an American from New York that resides in the UK, I’m going to tell you what I need to specifically get. Substitute your country and state where applicable.

Documents You Need

    • Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio. This is a document issued by the Italian municipality where the Italian spouse is registered and has had the marriage registered. Since me and D registered our marriage at the Consulate in London, we don’t need this form since they already have us on record. *So they say on the website. But they also say to call just to make sure.
    • Full birth certificate. I was born in New York, so I needed to get this through the New York State Department of Health. (Not through the town hall where you were born as I first thought) This needs to be translated and certified in New York State. I also need to get an apostille through the New York State government. More info about the apostille can be found here.
    • Certificate of no criminal records from your country. For those who are from the US, you will need one from the FBI and one from every state that you have lived in since you were 14 years old. So that means for me one from the FBI and one from NY State. (If I had gone to university or lived in another state, I would have to get forms from those states, too.) Each of these documents needs to be translated, certified, and with an apostille. Here are links to the FBI and NY State Criminal sites. You need to get the apostille from the US government for the FBI certificate and they apostille from New York State for the NY police records. These documents are valid for only 6 months, so make sure you don’t get them too far in advance.
    • Certificate of no criminal records from the UK. More info on the certificate is here. This also needs to be translated,  certified, and be legalised. The London Consulate says that they can certify this on the spot when I come in for the citizenship appointment. More info on the British apostille can be found here. Again, this document is valid for only 6 months. The consulate advises you to get this done after you make the appointment.
    • Copy of the applicant’s passport and photocopy of the title page.
    • Copy of the applicant’s UK resident permit (if applicable). The original and photocopy of the title page.
    • Italian spouse’s passport and photocopy of the main pages.
  • 200 Euros.





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  1. Thank you for posting your story! I’m an American from the east coast married to an Italian citizen. We’ve been married for 3 years, and I would love to apply for Italian citizenship. My only problem is that our relationship has been rocky lately, and I am afraid that he won’t cooperate with my citizenship application. I cannot begin to tell you about the hoops of fire I had to jump through to sponsor him for his U.S. green card. Now that roles are reversed (kind of) I’m very worried about my chances of getting Italian citizenship. I’ve heard conflicting stories about the process, and I understand that each consulate handles things in a different way. With everything now being handled online, that is a relief. However, I do know there is an interview and an oath ceremony. Are Italian spouses required to be present for either or both? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for reading! I haven’t needed my partner for most of the process. He needed to be registered for l’AIRE through the consulate, but I put together the majority of the paperwork on my own. The only thing I needed my partner to do was contact his comune in Venice to get the Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio. We were able to get it easily from them because we had already registered our marriage at the consulate in London (who then notified the comune back in Venice where he had previously been a resident). He also came with me at the consulate when I finally was called in for my appointment to present the original paperwork, but I don’t think it was necessary. His presence though helped them to see that we were still married, but they didn’t ask us any questions. For other things, I’ve heard that each consulate handles things in a different way, too. For example, the New York consulate website doesn’t say that the Italian translations of the documents need to be apostilled, but the London consulate does. I haven’t had to deal with the green card process, so I’m not sure what exactly you had to do for your partner (but I’m sure it was a lot), but for the Italian citizenship process, I didn’t really need him to do much. The process hasn’t finished yet and now that we’re in Italy, the consulate will send the paperwork to the Questura in Venice and they’ll finish it here (fingers crossed). I’m sorry things are rocky for you and your partner and hope you can find a way to get your citizenship.

      1. Giovanna,

        Can I ask, how long did it take to get approved from the time you presented all of the paperwork at the questura?


        1. Hi Michelle,

          Do you mean how long it took to get seen by the consulate once I applied for citizenship on the Ministero d’Interno website? It took 10 months and my process was sped up as we were moving to Italy and needed our application processed before we left. I think other people who have commented on this post have waited at least a year and half to be seen. While my application has been accepted, I haven’t received citizenship yet. It’s been over a year and I’m still in the first stage. So Im expecting to wait at least 3 years before I become an Italian citizen. Good luck! x

  2. Hi Giovanna
    Thank you for sharing this! I applied online on August 2017 (also for London) and still waiting for their answer. Where Can I check my status or call them? Do you have any number I could use? I check my email every day looking for this reply and nothing!

    1. Hi Nass, You can check your status on the Farnesina site (the Ministero dell’interno site where you submitted your application). From my experience, I waited almost a year before I had my appointment at the consulate. I submitted my application online in Dec 2016 and it wasn’t checked by the consulate until Aug 2017. I then had my appointment in October. You can contact the citizenship office by email and they usually respond in a day or two. When I went for my appointment, the lady told me there were only two of them in the citizenship department and showed me a huge pile of applications that she had to go through and said that since Brexit they’ve had hundreds of submissions. Once you have your appointment at the consulate, by law, they have to process your application within two years. From what I’ve read online and what people have told me, it takes a long time and the consulates are notoriously understaffed.

      1. I applied for my italiani citizenship in 17/6/2017 i have a baby me and my husband we are married for 7 years and ha is italian man I mean my husband, so my question is am I in the new law? Because when I applied it was two years, but the new law is 4 years, I will be greatful to get any answer thank u guys

    2. I am like you, I have applied through london since dec 2016 online, there has been no response not even email to accept or deny the application.. I email them around 19 feb.2018 and this was their response: “Gentile Signora/e,

      Stanti l’esponenziale incremento delle richieste di cittadinanza da un lato, soprattutto a seguito del fenomeno BREXIT, e le esigue risorse a disposizione dall’altro, desideriamo assicurare l’istante che questo Consolato Generale provvederà all’esame della pratica non appena possibile, in modo tale che possa ricevere il codice K10/C quanto prima e sia così in grado di monitorare autonomamente lo stato di avanzamento della pratica.

      Cordiali saluti

      Ufficio Cittadinanza

      Consolato Generale d’Italia in Londra


      83/86 Farringdon Street

      London EC4A 4BL
      I still don’t have the k10/C to check my application on line, no communication from them, i am actually in this forum to have an idea and to read about other people’s experience maybe that could help me to be more patient as i am getting really fed up of it..

      1. Hi there,
        I recently applied for the Italian citizenship for my husband on August last year and I didn’t received an email confirmation of the submission. I wondering if it’s normal or it not has been sent as I tried to contact the consulate and no answer so far.
        Could anyone please advise?
        Many thanks

        1. Hi Fabiana,
          When you log into the Ministero dell’Interno website and click on the ‘Compila e invia domanda’ in the Cittadinanza section, you should be able to find a little pdf symbol next to the modulo that you’ve submitted. The pdf is the application you submitted which you can download and next to that pdf symbol is another little symbol. If you click on that symbol you can download the receipt that you’ve sent your application. Once the consulate/prefettura looks at your application and accepts it, they will send you an email via the Ministero website. You’ll receive an email that says that you have an email on the website. Hope that helps, x

  3. In your post, you said this:” [UPDATE: As of February 2017, you can apply for Italian citizenship as soon as your marriage is registered in Italy]”

    Do you mean right after I marry my Italian boyfriend, I can immediately start applying for an Italian citizenship without waiting for 2 years? (I will be marrying my Italian boyfriend sometimes next month in our local comune, near to Padua.)

    1. Hi Shelia,

      That’s what it says on the Italian consulate website for London. It seems that the law has recently changed, but I’m not sure if that applies for people who reside in Italy or for those that live abroad though. Perhaps you can check with the consulate of your region in the US. They could tell you better.

      1. The Feb 2017 amendment was done to include (non-marriage) civil partnership; a provision to include same sex marriages (performed abroad). The registered partnership duration period still applies.

        1. Thanks Adi. For a few months on the London consulate website, it said that those who had just been married could apply for citizenship straight away and didn’t have to wait the three years. I assume that was because of the long processing times for the application. I’ve just checked and it’s not there anymore. I’ll update the blog post.

    2. Hi everyone

      I applied my cityizenship through marriage on 2015 starting, and now it’s 2 years and 10months gone but no any response from their side. Hopefully get this year then I’ll let you know about it

  4. Hi again! Last question I’ll bother you with! Do you work with an Italian accountant to help manage filing American and Italian taxes? We have an American accountant.. and an Italian accountant… but having some trouble finding someone who can do both and advise on American business while residing in Italy. Any advise for agencies would be great. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Laura! I’m on the look out for an Italian/American accountant as well, so I don’t know of anyone at the moment. If I come across some, I’ll let you know. Maybe we could help each other. x

  5. Hi Giovanna, are there any travel restrictions during the application processing? I am also going to be applying from London, but does this mean I have to stay in London till its done? Is it 2 year wait after you submit the application or after you have your interview with consulate?

    1. Hi Elena,
      There are no travel restrictions during the application process. When you apply online, you upload scans of your passports and when you go to your appointment, they only take a photocopy of you and your spouse’s passport. Unfortunately, it’s a two year wait after your interview at the consulate, but you’re free to travel. If you move out of the jurisdiction of the consulate during the process, you have to let them know so they can find you when the process is complete. Hope this helps and best of luck with the application! Giovanna

  6. Hi Giovanna! Thank you for this post, I am preparing to apply in London and starting to think about getting the documents. I saw that the Consulate advises you to get some documents done only after getting the interview appointment because they expire in 6 months. But then how can you upload them in step 3? At the interview will they accept the same documents you uploaded, even if expired?
    Thank you again for sharing your experience!

    1. Hi Henry,
      Your police records need to be under 6 months old when you apply online and upload them to the site. They will still be valid when you go to your interview to present the original documents because the documents refer to the date from when you made the application. Good luck with the application!

  7. Hi Giovanna,

    I am having the same dilemma I submitted my application May 2017. I have been married for 17 years, have sent few emails to the embassy requesting an update still not getting any reply back from the embassy not sure if I am sending the email to the correct department. The most annoying part is my application haven’t been looked at.

    I do understand they are understaffed, being transparent and giving guidelines for the waiting time on the website does go a long way.

    1. Hi Tosin,
      Ah, I know how you feel. It’s not exactly clear and this is the frustrating and mind-numbing nature of Italian bureaucracy. For correspondence, I’ve used the email address I applied online in Dec 2016 and had my appointment in Oct 2017, but I suspect I would have waited much longer if I hadn’t emailed to tell them I was moving back to Italy. Also, they checked my application in August 2017 and then emailed me my consulate appointment two weeks before I had to go in. Now that my application has been accepted and sent to the Questura in Venice, I now will most likely wait up to two years for the citizenship to finally go through as once the Questura looks at it, they will send it to Rome. Good luck with everything! Giovanna

      1. Hi Giovanna,

        Hope you are doing well. Finally, they are now looking at my application with K reference number “Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’Ufficio periferico sono stati avviati” which I believed it is the first stage of the application process.

        All I have to do now is wait for the interview date. Thanks a lot for your help and support
        Kind regards,

        1. Hello Tosin,

          Im waiting a long, long time. My process is in the same situation ” Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’Ufficio periferico sono stati avviati”.

          Do you remember how long does this stage take?

          1. Hi Lidia,

            Apology for my slow response. Honestly, I do not know how long it’s going to take, my application has been on the same stage for over 8 months and still waiting for the interview

  8. Hi Giovanna,

    I am in the process of applying for citizenship in London and after a few months struggling I finally managed to get all documents required. Is there any website you could recommend for guidance on how to fill in the application on the Ministerio dell Interno website? There are a few confusing part and when reading the FAQ’s and guidelines it wasn’t that helpful.


    1. Hi Carlos,

      Sadly, I haven’t come across any websites that help with filling out the application. I had trouble uploading the documents and I later found out that you have to load all the criminal record documents and translations together as one pdf, both passport scans as one pdf, etc. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Good luck with everything! Giovanna

  9. Hi all, I applied online on August 2017 and I went today to the consulate in London to check my application and the lady on the citizenship department (4th floor) didn’t even look at my application just told me that I have to wait as they are still checking online applications of 2016. She said they are very short of staff and that unfortunately they can’t do anything else, she asked me to check back next year if nothing! But she says that they are doing “their best” . So she just asked to wait!! What a long wait…. in order to help us each other in this group I suggest we share information regarding our timing, so if any of you guys gets an answer please do let’s us know to have an approximate of the timing taking. So today she said they are going through applications of 2016 but didn’t mention month. Hopefully is end of 2016.

    1. Hi, I applied online in October 2016 and still haven’t heard anything. It is infuriating because there is no reference number to track the progress of the application. If I knew I had another six months to wait (and saw the wait time counting down!) I’d be a lot happier.

  10. Hi Giovanna
    thanks for your wonderful blog. I’m an American about to go to Europe on a Shengen visa to be near my fiance. He’s an Italian citizen now living in Germany.
    – We’re trying to determine the best/easiest way to get married. Can we do this in Germany at an Italian consulate, or do we need to go to Italy?
    – Can I be on a Shengen visa for this process?
    – Do I have any options for after my Shengen visa runs out in 3 months?

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for reading! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I don’t have experience doing this so I can’t really answer your questions. As you plan on spending more than 90 days within the Schengen area, I’m not sure if you need a specific entry visa in order to enter into Europe with the intent to marry, like a fiancee visa or something. If so, then you may have to get the visa in the US before you fly to Europe. Italy and Germany may have different requirements and I would check on the websites of the German and Italian consulates that cover your region in the US to see if they explain what you need to do. If you don’t need a specific visa, you may need some documentation from either the consulate that certify that you’re eligible to marry. Hope this helps and good luck! x Giovanna

  11. Hi Giovanna! thanks so much for sharing your story. My partner is Italian but living in Germany. I’m now in the US and we are trying to determine the best way/place to get married in the EU. Can I do this while on a Shengen tourist visa in Europe? Do you know if we can do this process through the Italian consulate in Germany?

  12. Hi, Giovanna! Thanks for the information. I sent my application online on 18th March 2018 and kept on checking the communication on the ALI website every now and then as I am scared that my No criminal records certificate will be expired prior to acceptance of my application and submission of the original documents to the Italian Consulate. I didn’t know that the consulate takes time to reply. I just don’t know here in Hong Kong. Most probably, the number of applicants is less compared to London.

    If you applied on December 2016 and got an appointment with the Consulate on October 2017, so therefore, your no criminal record certs are already expired during the presentation/submission of the original document to the Consulate. Hopefully, if the Consulate here will accept the expired documents if they will give me a late appointment.

    Keep us updated on your application. I will be checking this forum from time to time. Thanks!

    1. Hi Maria,

      All your documents must be valid by the date you submit online, example in your case your no criminal records must be valid by the 18th Mach 2018 not by the time you get your appointment as this can take weeks, months or even years so don’t worry about it, mine expired ages ago and I am still waiting for my appointment to submit the originals but when I submitted my application online everything was valid.

      Hope this helps.


  13. Hi Nassra,

    Thank you for your information.

    I received a message yesterday at the “Comunicazione” section of the portal that my application has been accepted and that the Consulate will call me to provide an appointment to submit the original documents. In this message, they provided the K10/C (reference number) of my application. Also, the status of the application is registered under the “Visualizza Stato Della Domanda Di Cittadinanza.” I am happy to know that the staffs of the Italian Consulate here in Hong Kong are working (got a reply after a week only).

    Good luck to all of us!


  14. Thank you for this very informative blog. I wish it had existed when I applied! My application was submitted online in November 2016, but I am still waiting for a response from the Consulate. It sounds like your threat to move to Italy was a good one! Did you ever try telephoning the citizenship office? When we have tried, we just stay on hold for 90 minutes and nobody picks up.

    1. Hi Adam, I never tried phoning the citizenship office, however I always got a reply from them when I emailed them. Most of the time, it was just a form letter that said they were doing the applications on a first come first serve basis, but towards they end they replied to me when I told them I was leaving the UK to go back to Italy. If I hadn’t left, I would probably still be waiting. There are only two of them in the office and when I saw them they looked overworked and tired.

      1. They have only ever replied once to many emails, and then just a standard reply that didn’t give any of the information I was asking for.

        1. Hi Adam,

          I am guessing you are also applying from the London consulate, in timings you should be next getting an answer as you applied 2016. Phone is useless if I where you and if you’re living in London I’ll go to the consulate 4th floor and check direct with them. Good luck and please keep us updated on your times specially if you get the answer!!

          1. I just got an answer to my latest email today, but still no appointment. My UK passport expired since my application, so I asked whether I need to submit details of the new one. They said just to bring the new one to the appointment. But no info on when that might be!! Funnily enough, the two times they replied were when I wrote in English. Whenever I have written in Italian, no reply! A friend who works at the Italian foreign office also suggested going to the consulate in person, but your experience (in your earlier post here) put me off, especially as we live in Birmingham so it’s not just around the corner!

    2. My husband is italain and he lives in italy and i live in uk so can i apply italain passport without registered in AIRE??

      1. Hi Sarah,
        I believe that if you want to apply for Italian citizenship through the consulate in the UK, your partner needs to be registered with AIRE and your marriage also has to be registered with the consulate. If not, then you’ll have to apply for citizenship in Italy, but I believe you also have to show that you’re a resident in Italy. You can find out more info on the Ministero dell’Interno website and download the citizenship via marriage for residents of Italy. x

  15. I uploaded my application some time ago and got back a PDF, which I have saved. When I log into the site to check the status (Visualizza Stato della Domanda, also Storico Domande), there’s nothing to see. Was that your experience too?


    1. Hi S, I had the same experience. I believe it means that the consulate hasn’t gotten to your application yet. It’s in the system, but it hasn’t been checked yet. Thanks for reading, Giovanna

    2. Yep! When did you submit? It’s a long wait at the moment, if you submitted through London.

      Visualizza Stato della Domanda -> Non risultano domande associate al tuo utente. Se non hai compilato la domanda online ma hai inviato una domanda cartacea prima del 18 giugno 2015 puoi effettuare l’associazione utilizzando il link – Primo accesso alla pratica -.

      Comunicazioni -> Attualmente non ci sono notifiche

  16. Hi Giovanna! brilliant post! we are also from NY, but living in London. I have my italian passport (i applied in italy), now trying to get the italian one for my husband. The application link is coming up as an error. Do you have anyone you’d recommend to help with the translation/ceritifation for the NYS Birth record and Criminal records for FBI, NYS, UK? Would I be able to have someone translate/certify these documents in NYS even though we live in the UK (in other words, do i have have my husband there in person, or can it be done via mail, or a relative)?

    1. Hi Stacy!
      Thanks for reading! For New York and the FBI documents, I used Gianluca Croce from He was great and very informative. I think Gianluca also can do apostilles, but I flew in the New York to do that side of the paperwork since it was a lot cheaper if I did it myself. But I had him post the translations to my sister and then picked them up from her when I was in town. For the UK translations, I used Cristina Boscaiano from I was able to work with the translators online and sent them scans of the documents and they sent me the translations by post. Hope this helps x Giovanna

  17. Hi Giovanna, Wow this is a great blog, thank you so much!! I applied for my Italian Citizenship through the virtue of being married to an Italian in January 2017, till today I have not had an appointment or proper update 🙁 it is really frustrating! The only update I got was that my application is code GBR, i don’t know what it means, do you know perhaps? I did ask them what it means but with no response. I might move to Italy in November this year but now I am not sure if I can move if I still wait for my application here? Also as my husband works mostly abroad on short contracts, will I be able to get a visa to stay in Italy alone? I am a Non-EU citizen and nowhere can I get information on this if he doesn’t live in Italy himself?

    1. Hi Chanzanne,
      Unfortunately, it’s a really long wait. Other people have commented that it takes a really long time. If you’re going to move to Italy, email them and tell them, they may start the process sooner. That’s what’s happened to me. I had my appointment before I left and then they sent my application to the Questura in Venice where my residency is registered. As a family member of an EU citizen, you’re allowed to travel and live anywhere in the EU with your spouse. For all the paperwork that you need to do when you arrive in Italy (permesso di soggiorno and residency), you’ll need your spouse around in order to check that you two are still married and live together. (This may also be necessary for your citizenship as well, the Questura may send the local police to your place of residence to check. It happened to me). I was able to do most of these things during the first two weeks of moving to Italy (through the Questura di Venezia, it may take longer in other regions), so perhaps you’ll able to time things around your husband’s job. If he’s based in Italy, too, and travels for work, I don’t think it’ll be a problem (although it may be more of a bureaucratic headache, although that’s inevitable in Italy). Good luck! x Giovanna

  18. Sorry I am from Nigeria and my wife to be is pregnant for me and we have planned to do our marriage 2months after birth….please how fast can my document comes out when I apply after the marriage since we both have a child now … in just 2months before marriage

  19. Hi Giovanna,
    Great blog – I’m in a very similar scenario regarding countries and I’m putting together all my police background checks now. One confusing thing I can’t understand is, that after getting the police checks apostilled, I’ve read on some Italian Consulate websites that the police check (already apostilled), then needs to be translated into Italian, and the translation itself also needs to be apostilled.
    Did you have to get your translations apostilled too?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nick,

      Yes, I had the translations apostilled as well. My translator was based in New York City and I chose to go to the various offices to get the apostilles done myself as it was cheaper, but he offered those services as well. Not sure where you are based and the apostille requirements vary from state to state and country to country. The translator provided me with a certified and notarized translation. I then went to the county clerk office in Manhattan to get the notary signature verified and then I sent them to the New York Department of State offices for the apostille. I had each translation apostilled. I did something similar in London with my UK translation of my marriage certificate (not related to the citizenship application, but for something else). Hope this helps!

  20. Hi everyone
    I applied for Italian citizenship in Italy in april 2016, and now we move to UK my husband want to register to Italian consulate for transferring our resident from Italy to UK.
    Please I want to know how this will effect my Italian citizenship that I submitted in Italy by moving my resident from Italy to here.

  21. Hi,

    very helpful review, thank you. On the Italian Consulate (London) website, it doesn’t seem to say anything about contacting the FBI and any other states to get the no criminal records, is this very necessary? My husband is Italian and our marriage was registered at the Italian Consulate in London.
    also, re my birth certificate (born in Connecticut) when you say get translated and certified in the state – do you mean into Italian? and how is it to get an apostille?
    The form MoD1 which we need to have says its for an adult over 18 years and mentions parents consent etc – this is so confusing!!
    any help much appreciated am so exasperated!

    Many thanks in advance, Caro

    1. Hi Caro,

      It’s necessary to get the criminal records from the FBI and from every state that you’ve resided in in the US. Those documents then need to have the apostille. The apostille for the FBI criminal records needs to be from the US, and the apostille for all the state documents need to be given by each respective state. You can find information on how to get the apostilles from the federal office and state offices online. For the translations, I got an an apostille for each translation. I used the same translator based in New York City for all the US documents and he was able to certify them for me and then I sent the translations to the NY state office for the apostille.

      Not sure for other states, but for NY state documents you need to get them certified first by a notary public from where the documents originate and then send them to the NY state offices. For the FBI certificate and for my NYS birth certificate, they were already certified since they came from federal and state offices, so I just needed to send them off for the apostille.

      Hope this helps and good luck! x Giovanna

  22. I applied via london in November 2016 and have been chasing for an appointment with no joy. I have been told they process strictly in date order and to wait my turn. You applied in Dec 2016 and have alewafy been seen! Any advice?

      1. I applied 1st November 2016. I have just been given an appointment at the London Consulate for this coming Thursday, 31st May 2018.

        1. Congrats! That’s good news this means is moving and we are not stocked! However I applied in August 2017 so looks like I still have lot to wait

        2. That’s great! So I might hear something soon…. Did you get the appointment by waiting or do you think chasing it up with them helped?

        3. Hi Rosemary,

          How was the appointment ? Everything in order? Is just bringing the originals or anything else we should know?

    1. Hi Rosemary (and thanks for replying Adam and Nass),

      I was seen sooner by consulate because I told them I was moving back to Italy by November 2017. So they checked and accepted my application in August 2017 and then I had my appointment in October 2017. I had to keep emailing them to remind them of my moving date. Once I moved back to Italy and established my residency in the town, I sent them an email to tell them and they sent my application to the questura in Venice and it’s now being processed in Italy. I’m still in the first stage and I’m expecting it to take at least two years.

  23. Hi Giovanna, I am a bit confused with the timings and can’t find information anywhere. My husband is Italian (I am not), we got married a year ago and we live outside of Italy. Does that mean that we have to register our marriage, then wait three years from the date of our marriage to apply for my citizenship, then wait for another two years for it to get approved? Or I can apply for Italian passport already as by the time they approve it, we are going to be married three years already anyway?

    Than you in advance.

    1. Gala..if you want to apply for citizenship while living outside Italy, you need to wait 3 years from the date of marriage. If you live in Italy, 2 years continuous residence qualifies to apply for citizenship. If you have any children of your marriage, natural or adopted, the time period to be eligible to apply for citizenship is halved; 18 months if you live abroad and 1 year if you live in Italy

      1. Hi Khadim, thank you for your reply. My question is, after living 3 years abroad and applying for the citizenship, then it takes another two years from the application date to get the passport?

        1. Hi Gala,

          More than 2 years after your application I would say around 4 years. Plus at least 3 of marriage to be able to apply is around 7 years in total until you get your citizenship if you apply from London

  24. Hiya just wanted to ask can you just apply before 2 years or you have to wait 2 years then only u can apply for the citizenship

    1. Hi Wandere..assuming you’re living in Italy, 2 years residence is required. After 2 years is complete, you can apply for citizenship. If you have any children of your marriage, natural or adopted, the time period to be eligible to apply for citizenship is halved i.e 1 year residence required to apply for citizenship

        1. Bcz the people confuses, some say right after 6 months of ur marriage u can apply for citizenship then when your 2 years will be completed u will get the citizenship, so that was not true

  25. Hi Giovanna,

    Thanks for your detailed and helpful blog. My husband (Italian) and I got married in London where we have been living for many years. We will have been married for two years soon, and the same month we will be relocating to Italy. Do you think I can apply for citizenship straight away? Or do you think I have to wait another year because those two years were spent abroad? Thanks in advance in case you can advise on this.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Giorgia..You need to live in Italy for 1 year and then you’ll be eligible to apply for citizenship. If you have any children of your marriage, natural or adopted, you could apply for citizenship straightaway. Also see my response to Gala and Wandere above!

    2. Hi Giovanna,

      As you’ll see from the blog post and some of the comments, the London consulate is extremely slow processing applications. So even if you could apply now (e.g. if you have a child with your Italian husband) then DON’T do it. Applying from Italy will hopefully be quicker than doing so via the consulate. If you don’t have a child then as Khadim said, you will be eligible 3 years after your marriage so you can apply in Italy at that point.

  26. thanks for sharing info
    if i have never been to italy, and marry italian citizen for 3 years, will i get the citizenship?

    im in london and married to italian .. but i never went to italy

    1. Hi Jonh

      Yes you could apply for the Italian citizen foe being married to an Italian citizen for more than 3 years. The whole process can take around 4 years or more until you get the citizenship. The first thing you need to do is register your marriage at the Italian consulate following instructions online in their website. Good luck

          1. Me too! My wife’s friend in the Italian foreign ministry wrote to the Consul a couple of weeks ago on my behalf, but they ignored him! Apparently there is going to be a new Consul in the next few months, and they are aware of the backlog of cases. It’s not just citizenship applications – I have an Italian friend in the UK who can’t get an appointment to renew his passport. He actually thinks he applying for naturalisation and a UK passport will be quicker!!

          2. Hi Adam,

            I am going back to the consulate next month (late August) to register our son and will take the opportunity to go back to the citizenship department and ask again about my application. I will let you know what info I can get !
            All the best, and do let me know if you hear anything.

          3. Hi Nass,
            Our contact in the foreign ministry wrote a second time and got a reply from the Consul confirming that the Citizenship Office is currently working on applications from October 2016 and I should hear from them in 2-3 weeks. Not sure how that squares with Rosemary (above in this thread) who applied on 1 November 2016 and got her appointment back in May. But anyway, I’m happy with 2-3 weeks if it happens!

          4. Hi Adam,

            That’s great news. Please let me know if you get it and how it goes!
            All the best 🤞

  27. Hi everyone

    I applied my citizenship on June 2015 now it June 2018 3years gone but no response from their side. I think you have to wait too long because due to brexit everyone in rush to apply their dual nationality, so too much time they need to process every single file. If I hear anything about my application then il let you know about it.

    Good luck everyone

    1. Hi Mark. Do you mean you applied through the online system in June 2015 and you are still waiting for the London Consulate to give you an appointment? Or have I misunderstood?

  28. Hi there. Does anyone know if I can apply now being married for 2 years since they are taking more than one year to check the documents? I know it was written in the London consulate in the past but did anyone actually ask them if they are still accepting? I tried to contact them by email but no luck till now.



    1. Hi Guiherme,
      I once read on the London consulate website that you can apply once you’re married since it takes so long, but that is no longer on their website. I believe that they don’t allow that anymore, but I haven’t asked them. x Giovanna

      1. Hi Giovanna,

        In fact I asked them and they said the husband/wife can only apply after the 3 years.

        Thanks a lot!

  29. Hello eveyone,
    my husband applied for Italian citizenship in 2015, at the Consulate in London . The citizenship process finally reached the last step, it has been signed off, but is still a long way before getting the passport.
    At the moment he is waiting to receive the notification of the Decreto from the Consulate. I would like to know if anyone got the notification,and after how long from when the citizenship was signed off. I think it will be a good 6 to 8 month before the swearing. And probably other 6 months to get the passport, from the giuramento.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Cristina,
      It is amazing to hear your husband is almost at the last steps; I hope he gets his passport very soon. May I ask you few questions please if you could inform me; how long have you been waiting to get an appointment at the Italian Consulate? what is the process after getting an appointment up to citizenship? Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, I hope to hear from you please whenever time suits you. Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi I applied for Italian citizenship april 2018, I didnt get replay, my problem is my son is now 16 years old, can he get italian citizhenship, if he become adult ? what i have to do get soon Italian citizenship, If I go to solicitor , they can do something for me .

  31. Hello,
    In order to try and speed up application process for citizenship via the London Consulate prior to getting an appointment and K10/C number, I wonder …. Does anyone have experience of going in person to the London Consulate ? And if so, have you been at all successful?
    Many thanks, Miriam

    1. Hi Miriam,

      I applied in August 2017. Almost a year ago. Early this year I went to the consulate in person to the citizenship department 4th floor if I don’t remember wrong, and the lady on the front desk was very rude, she didn’t even looked at my application number just asked when did I apply and when I said August 2017 she said: no way you are not even close, we are looking at the moment at 2016 applications, you have to wait. And she asked me to leave. Maybe I wasn’t lucky and she wasn’t in a good mood? Not sure, anyways if you go let us know how it goes!
      Good luck!

      1. Hi Nass,
        I wish you a good luck in your application. Do you mind if you could tell me please, did you go to the consulate with a booked appointment? I am trying to book online, but there is no availability at all.
        Thank you so much in advance.
        All the best,

        1. Hi Bibo,
          When I went I didn’t book any appointment online, just walked in. My husband was doing something scheduled (I think he was collecting his Identity card, can’t remember) and I went with him and when we were inside the consulate we just asked where was the citizenship department and walked in. I don’t think you will get an appointment for enquiries or questions to be honest. We will go back in August to register our son and I will probably take the opportunity to do the same and go and ask, any luck I will let you all know !!

  32. I am irish applied as I am in civil partnership/marriage in uk with Italian citizen submitted my application August 2017 waiting. A friend working for Italian embassy in Argentina said I will only hear from them just before the two year deadline

    1. Hi Emile,
      Do you know what will happen then? I applied in January 2017 and still haven’t heard anything from them 🙁

      1. Hi Chazanne

        You mentioned that you applied in January 2017. Dose it mean you submitted online application in January 2017?
        I applied online in April 2017 and haven’t heard anything from them as well. Still waiting for an interview.

        Hope we would hear something soon.


        1. HI Pat,

          Yes I applied in January 2017 online and still have not heard back from them on anything….

          I am just wondering when the whole two year timeline starts… is i from the time you submit your application online or when you have your interview??

  33. Hi,
    I applied for the Italian citizenship online through internal ministry website. I checked my account and its written ” Istanza Accettata”
    and they called me after and give me appointment to submit the documents in 17 September in the prefettura of torino.
    so please can I know how long it will take after giving them the papers by hand in September 17.

    thanks a lot

    1. Hi Hasan,

      I hope everything will go perfectly in your favour, is it possible please to mention how long have you waited since you apply, to get this appointment?

      In regard with your enquiry, I found on a website “The consulate by law has a 730-day time frame to process your request since your online application. You will be informed between 6- 12 months, if you are awarded Italian citizenship by mail or e-mail”, I hope it might help, all the best to you.

    2. Please I would like to know how long it took before they called you to submit your document in person. Thank you.

  34. Hi Bibo,

    after 10 months from applying online the status changed to accepted. then I went to them to the prefettura and they gave me the appointment to bring the original papers by hand.

    thank you

  35. hi all,

    when my application was accepted in the online system and they asked me to bring the originals to the prefettura, then what they should look for after I submit them the originals? what they have to check?

    thank you

    1. Hi Hasan,

      There’s a website that explains the different stages of the citizenship process and what happens at each step. Here’s a link to step 1 (in Italian) that explains that the prefettura and police check double check your residency, where you live, police record, etc. Once that’s all been okay, you then go on to step 2…I’m still on step 1 and it’s been about 5 months.

  36. Hi Giovanna

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    I submitted my application online in April 2017. Now it’s August 2018 but I still have never heard from the embassy in the UK.

    You mentioned they called you for an interview. Is your case special or it is common that they will call? Would you suggest me to keep an eye on my email or Ministero dell’Interno website or keep my phone close to me at all time?

    I am so happy for you that you have done the interview. I hope you will hear good news soon.

    All the best!

    1. Hi Pat,

      The London consulate sent me an email through the Ministry website. I received notification to my personal email address from the Ministry that I had a message, so I wouldn’t miss it. I didn’t have to respond to the message to confirm, I just had to show up for the appointment. I saw from a comment from Farana down below that they replied in Sept 2016 and received an email from the consulate in June 2018. Even though I’ve had my appointment and my papers were sent to Venice and will have the rest of the process take place here in Italy now that I live here, I’m still in the first stage according to the Ministry website and I suspect it will take me a couple of years. All the best, x Giovanna

      1. Hi Giovanna

        Thank you so much for your reply.
        Thanks to your blog, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
        I think I need to keep calm and carry on waiting.

        All the best!

  37. It seems helpful for us all to have some idea of how the processing is going. So my application is citizenship via marriage and through London. Applied august 2016, got an email in April 2017 saying accettata con riserva. They wanted evidence of a bunch of stuff that I’d already uploaded like copy of the money transfer plus a copy of the atto of our marriage from the comune my wife used to live in years ago even though our marriage was registered through l’aire in London. Anyhow got all that, uploaded in one PDF and my application was updated to say Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’Ufficio periferico sono stati avviati dated start of may 2017. I guess it is stuck now in a queue hopefully waiting for an appointment. I sense though my application was August 2016, the demand to re-upload things they already had will have put me back a bit.

    1. Hi Ian, Thanks for writing and letting us know your experience. Perhaps you can send an email to the consulate directly and let them know? They’re not great at responding, but if your application may have gotten stuck somewhere and is not just in the normal queue, they may take a look at it. Good luck with everything!

  38. Hi

    I applied for my citizenship in Sept 2016.I only got a reply in June 2018. It’s by marriage. It seems I don’t have to go with my spouse. I just have to take his passport with me. I have an interview booked for Sept 4th. I read that you have to wait for almost 2yrs for them to respond to you about finally getting your citizenship after the interview . Seems like such a long time considering the whole process :(. I’m in Manchester and going to London for the day. Just wanted to find out how long did you spend at the embassy . Like how long does he interview take?. I need to plan the journey.


    1. Hi Farana, Congratulations on getting your appointment! If I remember correctly the appointment itself didn’t take very long, only perhaps a half hour. But you will need some time to go through security at the consulate. I had to wait in a queue outside to get in, but it moved pretty quickly. During your appointment, they’ll tell you to go downstairs to the cashier and pay for the certification and marca da bollo, so depending on the amount of people, you may or may not have to wait. I would give yourself two hours since you’re coming from Manchester just in case it’s a crazy day at the consulate. Good luck with everything! x

      1. Hi. thanks for replying and yes I managed to go for the appointment and get my bus back. I think I lost weight that day running Hahahah..I was told that I now have to wait for another department to look at my application in regards to accepting it. Once accepted. I will recieve a letter inviting me to say the Oath to be made a citizen and after that I can apply for a passport. They told me they very under staffed at the consulate 🙁 and have no idea when that would be . I should keep checking the Ali portal . I have noticed that there is another link on the portal that I never saw before
        Inserimento/Variazione/Cancellazione del legale . I clicked on it and it’s asking me about whether I have legal counsel or not and if I want to upload documents. I’m assuming it’s asking if I want to change or add anything to my application ??. Has anyone else seen that on they Ali portal page please?. Not really sure what to do. I emailed them but as we all know it takes ages if not never hahahha to reply . I’m in UK..thanks…xx

        1. Hi Farana,
          I noticed that on the Ali page, too. I think it’s something new that just showed up in the past few weeks. I don’t think we have to do anything with that. I submitted my application to the consulate last year and they sent it to Italy as I now live here, but I’m still on stage 1 (of 7 stages). I’m not sure how long it will take now that I live here, but the consulate told me that once you have your appointment, it will take at least two years for the process to finish. Good luck with everything! x

  39. Great info here, thanks! I now live in NYC but formerly lived in London. I have received all of my former USA State/domicile background checks, and have had all of them apostilled. I will now have each report translated here in NYC.
    I have already received my UK police report, filled out the online legalisation request form, and physically mailed the police report to the Foreign & Commonwealth office to have it legalised/apostilled. I am very concerned as I did not have it translated prior to sending it in for legalisation/apostille. Questions please: Will I have to have to have my police report translated by a UK translator and, will I then have to resubmit it for the legalisation of the translation? I am aware that I will then have to travel to London and have the Italian Consulate certify the translation, but do I need to have the actual translation of my UK police report legalised prior to receiving my apostille and before visiting the Consulate in London to have them certify the translation? Thanks for any clarification you can share!

    1. Hi Alyson, thanks for reading! I don’t think you need to follow a certain order, just as long as the police records are legalised and issued within the last 6 months prior to applying. For my permesso upon moving to Italy, I had my marriage certificate legalised first and then translated and it didn’t matter.
      For the legalisation of the translation of your UK police record, the consulate certified it when I went in for my appointment, so it wasn’t necessary to have it legalised. But if you have trouble getting an appointment at the consulate just for them to certify a document, you can also get it legalised. That’s what I did when I needed to get the translation of my marriage certificate legalised at the last minute. In that case, I needed to get the translation notarised by a London notary who had the translator’s signature on file and then send it off to get legalised. The translator I used for all my UK documents was Cristina Boscaino of Words at Hand and the two notaries that Cristina uses are De Pinna notaries and Leone Notaries based in London. They both worked quickly. Good luck with everything!

      1. Giovanna, Many Thanks for the very helpful info.
        Am awaiting my legalisation/apostille from (I requested through the online portal, and snail mailed the police report to them), will contact your translator Cristina, then fly to London to have the consulate certify the translation. Note that in my case, my consular visit will be on a Monday only between certain hours, so do check the hours for specific services.
        One important piece of info for the USA folks here. . . the state that I requested my long-form birth certificate from has an 80-90 day turn-around period. I filed on 10 July and will get it in late September. Of all docs procured, this one had the longest processing time. Thanks again 🙂

  40. HI, I will start the process of citizenship through marriage with my wife who is an italian citizen.
    I have some doubts about the background check. I requested an got already the FBI one. I am asking now to the Colorado State BI to get it but they issue the on line one otherwise i need to fill a form and have fingerprint a card and go for a long process. Do You know if the online Criminal records for the state one is OK?.
    After i got both of them i should go for the legalization and appostille right?.

    1. Hi Wilson, I’m not sure if the online one is acceptable. I got the long version for my NY State criminal record and sent them my fingerprint card from the London. In my experience dealing with Italian bureaucracy, I would get the long version. You want to be as thorough as possible because in the end if they say that the online version isn’t enough once they finally check your documents on the system (which could take at least a year), you’ll have to go through all the work again of getting the long version, plus all the apostilles and translations. Once you get your records, you’ll need to get an apostille on them (FBI apostille is through the US government, state records through the state). You’ll also need to get them translated and each translation needs to have an apostille. I believe you’ll need to get the Colorado criminal records translated by someone in Colorado and then have those translation notarised by Colorado State. I hope this helps and good luck!

      1. Question after reading your response to Wilson: I know the USA State backgound check and the FBI background check must be apostilled.
        But, after translating those state/federal documents, I thought the consulate will simply ‘certify’ the translation- an apostille for the translation is not needed. Help please! Thanks for clarifying!

        1. Hi Alyson, it’s confusing about certifying translations as it’s not exactly clear. From my own research, the consulates can certify translations if the translations were done within their jurisdiction. So for example, a NY state document needs to be translated by a New York State translator and be certified by the consulate. However, because the consulates are so busy and it could be close to impossible to get an appointment just to get a translation certified, you can get your translated documents apostilled (or legalised in the UK) instead of certified by the consulate. This is what I did for the translations of my US documents (I used the same translator for all of them). For the translation of the UK police record, the consulate certified it when I went in for my citizenship appointment, but I don’t know what the process is if you only need them to certify it. This is what I found on the London consulate website. If you’re going to London specifically for the documents, it may just be easier to do have the translation legalised and avoid the consulate altogether. However, you should ask Cristina the translator, she’d be able to tell you what the best thing to do is as she’s done this many times before.

          1. i finally went through all the docs. Just to clarify this legalization process, i sent both Colorado and FBI Criminal records to be translated/apostiled at the One Source process (U$323 for both). I sent the originals by mail and they sent me back very fast.
            After that i sent by mail too to the Consulate to be legalized (U$ 30.4) together with the returning mail envelop. I scanned everything and applied on line.
            I was asked to go to the Consulate to deliver all the originals and so i did.
            I have the K10/c Nbr already.
            Does anyone know where i can check the evolution of my process?

          2. Hi Wilson,
            You can track your application online on the Ministero dell’Interno website where you had applied. It’s under the ‘Visualizza stato della domanda’. There are 7 stages to the process. You can find out more about the stages here. x Giovanna

  41. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. I saved the link and I always double check just in case. Just a quick question, is it necessary to translate the apostille, for the police certificate for example!?
    Thank you again.

    1. Yes..The first step is to get original police certificate apostilled. Then you proceed to Italian translation of the apostilled certificate!

  42. Hi did your interview go? Anything you would like to share, especially what documents are required to be submitted at interview? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stuart

      The interview was quick. It was more like a informal meeting. I have them original Uk police clearance with stamp and Apostille and foreign one as well. Birth certificate translated Apostille and stamped , receipt for the €200 fee , the marriage certificate they had already as it was sent via email from Asti commune . I had to pay some charges about £60 for the documents at the embassy and then I handed them in to the lady. She asked me a few questions about application ( I assume to verify I am who I say I am 😄). I then asked her how long it will take to hear back from them . She was honest to say she has no idea as they do under staffed . The particular department that deals with the next stage apparently had only 2 staff members😥. It seems that we need a miracle for them to look into our applications . I still haven’t received any notification about my application to date after I handed the interview . I was actually thinking I will email them u until hopefully someone replies me with an update . So far on Aaliyah portal There’s nothing showing

  43. Dear Giovanna,
    Thank you for posting your story, very helpful info.
    I am applying to become an Italian through marriage. Getting the documents are very challenging as I have lived in three countries before moving to London. I am married to an Italian citizen from Spenia Venezia. We registered our marriage at the London Consulate in January 2018 and I have been waiting for the Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio to arrive. Instead of waiting I would to get the Estratto myself but the question is how and where? My husband does not know where to start.
    I would be very grateful if you could let me know how did you get your Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio?

    Thank you, May

    PS: Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.

    1. Hi May, Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found it helpful. I received the Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio directly from the comune. We had previously registered our marriage at the consulate in London who then communicated our marriage to my husband’s comune so they had us on record. At the time, the comune just sent us a letter to confirm that his civil status had changed. When it was time to get the Estratto, my partner phoned the comune and asked for the document and they sent it to his mother’s house who then sent it to us in London. Out of all the documents, this was the easiest one to collect. Good luck with everything!

      1. Hi Giovanna, Thank you very much for your reply. My husband has to follow up the Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio directly from his comune in that case. I hope to get this soon. Thanks once again, May

  44. Dear Giovanna,

    my application status now is “Stato della pratica:
     Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’Ufficio periferico sono in via di definizione”

    how many months should I wait more?

    thank you

    1. Hi Hasan,
      You can check this website in Italian for a description of each phase. According to the website, it looks like you’re in stage 2 (out of 7 stages). I don’t know how long you should wait. It’s been 9 months now for me and I’m still in stage 1. Good luck!

  45. I am not sure if this is first for you. My same sex husband and I have been together for 37 years, married legally for 9. We both live in NY. We both want to retire in Italy for at least half the year as we have grandchildren keeping us from moving there full-time. Entrambi siamo italo-americani. My question is; will it be easier for him to get dual citizenship because all his grandparents are from Italy. My grandparents are bit more complicated due to multiple name changes and bad record keeping. If my husband became a dual citizen, would I be able to apply for dual citizenship through him? Mille grazie. Lo apprezzo.

    1. Hi Stephen, Thanks for reading. If your husband can get dual citizenship through his grandparents, it would save the headache of applying for elective residency visas and residency permits. However, the process could be very long and could take years. Although I’ve found some sites online that say they can help you skip the citizenship process. Also, you can look into applying for a visa/residency permit to live in Italy while the citizenship application is being processed. I don’t have experience about same-sex couples and the immigration process, so you’re better off getting more reliable information from a lawyer. While Italy doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, as of 2016 they do recognize same-sex civil unions which could give you the same rights and recognize you as a family member of an EU citizen. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but there are a few options for you. Good luck with everything!

    2. Citizenship is better. Seriously just do it.
      It costed us approx 1k.
      The key is the italian grand parent did not naturalize to US citizenshio before your husband’s father or mother or whoever the bloodline is was born.
      You may need to dig through court record for this.

    3. We did it in LA and the whole thing took maybe two years?
      It was a bit of a pain.
      If you can also apply for citizenship via ancestry just so that. Then both of you will get it.
      If you do it through him then it is Like two years for him to get citizenship. Another few more years, if he dies or divorce during the process it stops. So if your record.can be straightened up. I would recommend doing it together.
      However if he gets citizenship, then you can live in Italy as a resident, no problem for as long as u want. I assume applying for Italian citizenship via marriage inside Italy is prob a lot faster.

  46. Love your blog!!! – We’re almost ready to submit – what a trip –
    My husband was born in Mexico and has lived in the States since he was 10 years old. We’re flying back to Mexico next week to pick up his police clearance, translation, and get it certified from the Italian Embassy in Mexico City. We have ALL other documents, translations, ect.
    We’re in month 4.5 – here’s my question – we just found out that on his Mexican birth certificate his date of birth is one day later than all of his other documents – US passport, US naturalization certificate, driver’s license – everything! He also shorten his name when he became a US citizen, but do you have any advice on how to apply through ALI – which birth date? do we use his legal name now or his birth name ? in Mexico legal names include his mother’s maiden name and he legally dropped it. Do you think the date of birth will give us trouble. We’ve done everything ourselves, but now are nervous and thinking of using a company to submit the documents through (we don’t want to screw up anything now) – they want USD 500 – any thoughts? We will be applying through the Consulate in Detroit. Thank you so much – hopefully we’ll see you in Sicily soon Dave

    1. Hi Dave, This is a good question. I think you should use the birth date that is on most of the legal documents. When the consulate checks the paperwork online, they may come back to you with questions. Also, when you upload your paperwork, make sure you upload the multiple documents as one pdf, for examples when it asks you to upload the passport, upload yours and his passports along with the drivers licenses as one pdf. I didn’t do that and the consulate, when they checked it, asked me to re-upload the documents on the Ali website. It then took them two more months to check them again. I don’t want to tell you that you should or shouldn’t pay a company to submit the documents for you. I didn’t do it, but I speak Italian and there is an instruction manual. I worked through it slowly and you can always save it and come back to it later. Do you have any Italian friends that you can ask to help you with the application? You can give them a gift or pay them for their help. Good luck with everything and I hope you make it to Sicily soon! I haven’t been there yet, but hope to be there some day soon. x

  47. Hi Giovanna, I have now received my K10 and my appointment at the consulate in London. Frustratingly, my Italian wife is going to be out of the country on the day of the appointment, so I have to go alone. It would be really helpful to know what the process is at the consulate. My Italian is very much beginner/intermediate – will they take pity and deal with me in English or insist on conducting the whole process in Italian? Thank you!

    1. Hi Adam,
      Could you please tell me, how long did it take since you submitted your online application; to get K10 for an appointment at the Consulate?
      Best of luck in your case.

      1. Hi Bibo, 683 days. I applied 21 November 2016 and got my K10 on 5 October, with my appointment a month later (but I had to rearrange that). I suspect the famous 720 day rule applied in my case – the appointment they offered was a few days before the 720th day from application.

        1. Thank you for your reply, best of luck. I have just applied in this June 2018, which seems to be long way for getting an appointment.

    2. Hi Adam,
      Congratulations on getting your appointment! If I remember correctly, the appointment was quite short. She looked through my original documents and then I went downstairs to pay for the consular fees. While I was downstairs, my husband chatted to her and when I came back, I gave her the receipts and shook her hand and we were done. We spoke in Italian, but I’m sure they will speak to you in English. She didn’t give me much information, just that she would send my documents to Italy once we arrived and changed our residency. And that I could wait up to two years once my documents are submitted. Good luck!

  48. Hi Giovanna, this is incredibly helpful. I have one question. You need to submit all these documents online on their portal. Then you will need to go to the appointment whenever they call you and show the documents.

    If I have to introduce today a criminal record, and they call me 10 months later for the appointment, Do I need a NEW criminal record? Because the one I submit will be out of date after that.

    I am very confused about that.

    1. Hi Francisco,
      As long as your criminal record is valid during the time you submitted your application (within 6 months of the submission date), then you will be fine. They won’t make you get a new one. Good luck!

  49. Hi Giovanna! Great information – I LOVE your blog! My husband is an Italian citizen and we are currently living in Chicago. I am in the process of collecting all my documentation needed to submit for my citizenship. One kind of hiccup… we plan to move to Italy in Spring of 2019 and I should be ready to submit my application by that time. I know the wait time can be at least 2 years if I submit while living in the US. Would it be worth it to wait until we are in Italy? If so, do you have any idea on where I would submit my paper work or how the process works if we are living there?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. After u submit your application the wait time have been extended up to 4 years instead of 2 years, new rules 😑

    2. Hi Lydie,

      Thanks for reading! If you’re planning on moving to Italy in the spring, then I would definitely apply in Italy. If you apply in Italy, you would submit through the Ministero dell’Interno website, the same that you would if you were to apply through the consulate. However you would fill out Modello A – Cittadini Stranieri residenti in Italia – Art.5 richiesta per matrimonio o unione civile con cittadino italiano. You can sign up on the website now and have a look at the application and see what other documents are needed. I suspect you’ll need to show your PdS and Carta d’Identita’ and other documents that show you’re a resident in Italy as well as a criminal record in Italy. It may take longer to get those documents, but the wait time may be a lot shorter applying through Italy rather than through the consulate. Good luck with everything!

    1. As for as i heared this 4 year rule apply on every one who ever applied already or the one’s who will apply

    2. As for as i heared this 4 year rule apply on every one who ever applied already & the one’s who will apply

  50. Hi Giovanna,
    Thank you once again for great blog. I hope you don’t mind me asking: Did you use your maiden name or your husband name for your Italian citizenship application?
    I only asked as I have dual citizenship; one passport is with my husband name, the other is with my maiden name. I just want to make sure I get my Police clearances only once. I would be very grateful for your help. Thank you.

    1. Hi May, I’ve kept my name so I only applied with one name. I’m not sure how it works when you’ve changed your name, but maybe you can ask for your Police clearance using both of your names so they’re on the same document? Sorry I can’t help more. x

  51. Hi am a partner of Italian citizen living here in UK..our marriage certificate has been fully converted by the commune in Italy..i have all the document from my country translate and legalised by Italian embassy in Nigeria.birth certificate,police report but the stamp on police report and birth certificate seem to have been more than need to legalised them again or just police many years wait now to get citizenship?

    1. Kola: On the documentation, my reading is that all docs (legalized/apostille) cannot be older than six months at the time of your first time online application where you have to scan and upload all documents required. I think by reading through the various posting above, you may find more useful information on this. Or you can refer to the Italian Embassy in the UK for specific info on this based on your specific situation.

      I can talk about the wait time a bit. I heard the wait time is now 4 years (per marriage and naturalization), even applicable retroactively for those cases still pending. The worst news is that you will have to present a B1 Italian language certificate which is a very high-level standard as compared to the other EU States, e.g. the Netherlands required an A2 certificate? But I also read there are few exemptions (for applicants already assessed on the basis of Italian language via Italian permanent residency status etc). For this, I am not so sure if the Italian B1 language certificate stuff applies retroactively for those cases still pending, as well ( but in my mind, I am afraid, it freaking does). I also read in another forum that the new language requirement is not retroactive, again am not sure. So, maybe folks who know more can help us here with better clarification/explanations. pls refer to the amended law, which was passed recently:

  52. Ok this is going to be LONG.. but I’m sure it will help some of you…

    I have just read through a few of the comments posted already and I thought I’d add my 2 cents regarding applying for Italian Citizenship by Marriage to an Italian Citizen.
    I am a South African citizen married to an Italian Citizen (residing in South Africa and registered as an Italian living abroad).
    Although we have been together since 2001, we only got married in August 2015 and I have just submitted my application for Italian Citizenship (in November 2018).

    Firstly, Italian women do NOT change their surnames when they get married… so your Italian Citizenship application and eventual Italian Passport will be in your MAIDEN surname. Please make sure that your Online Application is made with your MAIDEN surname and that all your supporting documents (Police Clearance Certificate, etc.) also reflects your MAIDEN surname.

    It is also important that you check with your Department of Home Affairs of your Home Country what the rules are regarding DUAL CITIZENSHIP. In South Africa you need to APPLY for “RETENTION OF CITIZENSHIP” BEFORE you are granted Italian Citizenship or you will AUTOMATICALLY LOSE YOUR SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENSHIP as soon as you gain Italian Citizenship if you do NOT have the certificate giving you permission to retain your South African Citizenship!!!
    You need to get a letter from the Italian Consulate / Honorary Consul stating that you qualify for Italian Citizenship and that Italy allows Dual Citizenship with your country – you then have to take that letter to your Department of Home Affairs and Apply for a “Retention of Citizenship Certificate” (Local cost was ZAR300.00 for this certificate) – keep this certificate SAFE!

    1. Your spouse must obviously be an Italian Citizen – registered as an Italian living abroad (if not living in Italy
    2. You need to be married for 3 years if living abroad and 2 years if you live in Italy before you can start your application (18 months from date of marriage if a child is born from the marriage)
    3. Get your documentation in order before you do your online application;
    3.1 You need to register your marriage with your spouse’s registered municipality in ITALY – this can be done through the Italian Consulate in your home country or your local Honorary /Vise Consul if you can’t do it yourself in Italy.
    3.2 You will need the original certificate from the Italian Municipality stating both your details and details of your marriage – this is easier if you can give permission to a family member that still lives in Italy to collect the certificate on your behalf at the municipality in Italy where your spouse is registered and courier it to you.
    3.3 A certified copy of your Passport – the page with your photo identification and passport/personal details on
    3.4 Your original Unabridged Birth Certificate (has your details as well as those of both your mother and father – you will also need their details for the online application, so keep it handy)
    3.5 Your original Police Clearance Certificate
    3.6 There are TWO of these original documents that need to be ‘Apostilled’* and ‘Translated into Italian’**:
    1. your Unabridged Birth Certificate and
    2. your Police Clearance Certificate

    So to save costs on courier/postage fees, I would advise that you wait until you have both these documents before you send them to be Apostilled and Translated – send them together

    Herewith the process of getting your documents “Apostilled” and “Translated”:

    *Apostille: in South Africa we have Government Documents “Apostilled” by DIRCO – Department of International Relations and Cooperation. You need to courier your original Government Document/s to them with a covering letter stating for which COUNTRY you require the Apostille/Legalization for – you obviously select ITALY
    Follow your local “DIRCO” instructions for submitting and retrieving documents to and from them.

    The “Apostille” is a page (certificate) with a seal on attached to your original document with ribbon (can’t be removed from the original document thereafter without damaging/nullifying the Apostille/seal). This “Apostille” (certificate attached to your original document) has the details of the person who signed the Government Document and confirms the legality, signator and his/her official title/position.

    ** Translation: When you receive your Original Document with “Apostille” back from DIRCO, you will have to send it all to a ‘Registered Sworn Translated’ to have it all Translated into Italian (you can get a list of Registered Sworn Translators from your local Italian Consulate). The sworn translator normally has their own stamp with details & credentials on that they will stamp on the official translation page/certificate and send the original to you. (I paid ZAR200/about Euro12.50 per translation page in October 2018).

    The Italian Translation then needs the appropriate Italian Revenue Stamps from the Italian Consulate / Honorary Consul (Euro24 for these stamps as at November 2018) and “legalized” by the Italian Consulate or your local Honorary Consul. The Italian Consulate or Italian Honorary Consul/Vise Consul must sign next to the Sworn Translator’s signature and physically write that he/she confirms that the person who did the translation is a ‘Registered Sworn Translator’ and the amount paid in Euro and your home currency is recorded next to the revenue stamps).

    You would have done both your Unabridged Birth Certificate as well as your Police Clearance Certificate (not older than 6 months) this way – Apostilled and Translated and Revenue Stamps Applied, etc. – so you will have THREE pages for each (original document, Apostille Page and Italian Translation) – make sure you scan all THREE these pages for each original document TOGETHER > i.e. ONE pdf file for 3 pages (3 pages in ONE pdf file for your Unabridged Birth Certificate and 3 pages in ONE pdf file for your Police Clearance Certificate) > you MUST UPLOAD all 3 these pages in ONE pdf file on your online application! VERY important

    3.7 Make the required payment for the Citizenship Application Fee (as of November 2018 it has gone up to Euro250!)
    Instructions and banking details can be obtained from the Italian Consulate.
    You will need to print the proof of payment

    So, herewith the list of all your documentation needed:
    1. Unabridged Birth Certificate – Apostille + Translation (3 pages in 1 pdf file)
    2. Police Clearance Certificate – Apostille + Translation (3 pages in 1 pdf file)
    3. Italian Marriage Certificate (1 page)
    4. Certified copy of your Passport (1 page)
    5. Proof of payment for Application Fee (Euro250) (1 page)

    4. Online Application:
    Unfortunately the whole online application & website is in ITALIAN – so unless you can speak Italian, it is advisable to get someone that DOES speak Italian to help you.

    5. Once you have completed all the steps of the Online Application and successfully uploaded all your documents – you can submit your Online Application (follow website instructions)

    6. I received an email the very next day from the Italian Consulate, with my local Honorary Consul “cc’d” into the email – requesting that he complete the “legalization” of the sworn translations correctly (he had put the revenue stamps and amounts on but did not physical write and sign and put his own stamp next to the translator’s signature – there is a certain way they need to do it) – so I had to go back to my Honorary Consul and have the document corrected – the next day I was able to re-upload those 2 translation documents on the online application and resubmit my online application

    7. As soon as you submit your online application you can print your “questions” / completed online application in PDF form – you need to print this out – it’s called “Modulo di domanda compilata on-line” (9 pages) – YOU NEED TO SIGN THE LAST PAGE (PAGE 9) and your Honorary Consul / Italian Consulate needs to SIGN THE LAST PAGE as well and attach ANOTHER Italian Revenue Stamp (about Euro15.00 as at November 2018) > it is also important to note that wherever you need to SIGN you need to sign in your MAIDEN SURNAME!!!

    8. You will also have received an email with an attachment page stating that your application has been received:
    “Gentile xxx La informiamo che il modulo informatico è stato ricevuto correttamente.” (We inform you that the information form was received correctly) – and it has the your details and your application number on it.

    9. About 3 days after submitting my online application I received another email from the Italian Consulate, requesting me to submit my Original Documents” – here they also give you your “K10/C” number.

    Email wording:

    Your Italian citizenship application n. K10/C/xxxxxxx has been provisionally accepted. Please acknowledge receipt of this notification.
    You are kindly requested to present yourself to this Consulate or to the Honorary Vice Consul in xxx – as soon as possible – with the documentation
    submitted on line for the necessary verification, authentication of signature and application of prescribed revenue stamp.
    The following documents must be presented;
    – Original unabridged birth certificate, Apostille, translation and legalization of sworn translator’s signature;
    – Original criminal record certificate, Apostille, translation and legalization of sworn translator’s signature;
    – Marriage certificate issued by the Municipaliity of registration in Italy;
    – Proof of payment of Euro 250;
    – Identity document submitted with our application;
    – Printed version of the application submitted online.
    Revenue stamp for the authentication of your signature amounts to R 228.00 which you can pay via eft (banking details attached) or in cash

    10. You have to submit in person /courier ALL your original documents and the printed version of your application with the last revenue stamp on to the Italian Consulate.

    11. And then you wait… a notification was sent out to all Italian Consulates and current pending applications in October 2018 that the waiting period for the PROCESSING of Citizenship Applications has been INCREASED to FOUR YEARS!

    12. There are 7 “phases” of your Application (mine is currently on “fase 2”):

    1. Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’Ufficio Periferico sono stati avviati (fase 1)
    2. L’istruttoria degli Uffici centrali è in corso, si è in attesa di acquisire tutti i pareri necessari (fase 2)
    Gli accertamenti di competenza dell’ufficio periferico sono in via di definizione
    3. è avviata l’istruttoria degli uffici centrali. è avviata l’istruuoria degli uffici competenti (fase 3)
    4. Sono stati acquisiti i pareri – la pratica è in fase di valutazione finale (fase 4)
    5. Sono stati acquisiti i pareri necessari. Il decreto di concessione è agli organi competenti per la firma (fase 5)
    6. L’istruttoria si è conclusa favorevolmente; è in corso di trasmissione il provvedimento di concessione alla Prefettura che ne curerà la notifica. Se risiede all’estero, il decreto sarà inviato all’Autorità Consolare (fase 6)
    7. Il decreto di concessione è stato firmato; sarà contattato dalla Prefettura per la notifica del provvedimento e dopo la notifica dovrà recarsi presso il Comune di residenza per il giuramento. Se risiede all’estero sarà contattato dall’Autorità consolare competente (fase 7)

    7 Phases translated into English:

    1. The assessments pertaining to the Peripheral Office have been initiated (phase 1)

    2. The Central Offices’ investigation is underway, all the necessary opinions are awaited (phase 2)
    The assessments pertaining to the peripheral office are being finalized

    3. the investigation of the central offices is started. the investigation of the competent offices is started (phase 3)

    4. Opinions have been acquired – the practice is under final evaluation (phase 4)

    5. The necessary opinions have been acquired. The concession decree is to the competent bodies for the signature (phase 5)

    6. The preliminary investigation ended favorably; the provision of a concession to the Prefecture which will take care of the notification is being transmitted. If he resides abroad, the decree will be sent to the Consular Authority (phase 6)

    7. The concession decree was signed; he will be contacted by the Prefecture for the notification of the provision and after the notification he will have to go to the Municipality of residence for the oath. If he resides abroad he will be contacted by the competent consular authority (step 7)

    13. Once your Application has gone through all “7 phases” and you have presented yourself to the Italian Consulate for the “Oath”, you will be granted “Italian Citizenship” – only THEN can you start the process of applying for your Italian Passport

    GOOD LUCK! 😉

    1. Wow, Vicky, thank you so much for your thorough explanation of the process through the consulate in South Africa. And especially thank you for going through all the stages both in Italian and English. This will be very useful to a lot of readers. Congrats on your application and for already reaching phase 2. I hope the rest of the process goes quickly for you!

      1. Thank you Giovanna… it’s only a pleasure 🙂
        I wish someone had explained it all to me before I started…even if one little piece of information can help someone else it’s worth it 🙂 Best of luck to all of you embarking on this frustrating, time-consuming, lengthy and sometimes infuriating process.. but it will all be worth it in the end 🙂 🙂 🙂 La vita è bella! Ciao xXx

          1. Good afternoon

            @Wanderer: I actually came back to this page to post this update when I saw your question…
            You are quite correct… the new requirement is at least a Level B1, (Intermediate B1)

            “Law December 1, 2018 n. 32 (which converted into law and modified/integrated Law Decree October 4, 2018 n. 113) introduced a new requirement for applications for Italian citizenship by marriage presented after December 4, 2018. Such law establishes that applicants for Italian citizenship by marriage must have an adequate knowledge of the Italian language (B1 level) which must be certified by an educational institution approved by the Italian Ministry of Education (“MIUR”) or Ministry of Foreign affairs (“MAECI”)”

            Although it does say “applications for Italian citizenship by marriage presented AFTER December 4, 2018”, I am in communication with our Honorary Vice Consul regarding the matter to find out if it will affect EXISTING/PENDING applications as well or if it is only for NEW submissions uploaded ONLINE after 4 December 2018. He said they are still “waiting for confirmation”.

            I have “Advanced 2” level with “Dante Alighieri”, but I am waiting for confirmation that this certificate will still be valid just in case I need it (I wrote the exam in 2009). The problem is also that we no longer have any Italian Language schools or courses in the town that I currently live in.. so if I need to write another exam it will cost me quite a bit of money to go write it elsewhere 🙁

            I doubt that this will affect existing/pending application (well we hope and pray it doesn’t)… but I will post another comment here as soon as I have more news…. unfortunately all NEW applications will have to include the “Intermediate Level B1” qualification certificate

          2. Hi Vicky,

            Thanks for this. I see your information comes from, but I don’t see this new language requirement on the Italian consulates websites (New York, London and Sydney) or on the Farnesina website. They all mention the rise in the application fee to 250 euros, but there is no mention of this new language requirement. I tried looking for more information online for it, but I only found info on the italian citizenship assistance website. Can anyone else point to somewhere else?

    2. Hi Vicky,

      Many thanks for your detailed post. I am an English woman, married to an Italian man and currently resident in Italy. My biggest concern/query is about what name I should use on the application. You suggest only using the MAIDEN name, but as my English passport and all residence/fiscal/tax documents here in Italy are in my married name, I’m not sure how it will work. It’s worth noting that I will be applying directly from Italy, and not via a consulate.
      Does anybody else have any experience regarding the use of Maiden/Married name?

      Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. Hi Helena

        The Italian Ministry is quite clear on this matter; your application MUST be in your MAIDEN surname (the surname you were born with and that appears on your Birth Certificate)… regardless of marriage or other surnames abroad.

        Regardless of what is reflected on your English passport / other legal documents, your Italian passport will be in your Maiden Surname. My South African passport and all my other tax/legal documents are also in my Married Surname… but my Italian Passport will be in my Maiden Surname. Italy does not recognize Married Surnames for women, you keep your birth surname for life in Italy.. regardless of marriage and surname in other countries. I had to sign as a witness at our Honorary Consul on some Italian documents for a family member here in South Africa and I even had to sign that in my Maiden Surname… very strange if you are so used to signing your Married Surname… I had to stop and think what my old signature even looked like! lol

        It is also important to note that the last page of your printed online application (the one that you must SIGN and have an Italian Revenue stamp on) must also be signed in your MAIDEN surname (your birth surname that your application will be made in).

        As far as I am aware, even though you are in Italy, your application will go through just about the same process as if you were not in Italy… the only major difference being that you can apply after 2 years of marriage because you reside in Italy as apposed to 3 years of marriage if living abroad.

        You will still need to supply your Unabridged Birth Certificate with your application… and this will prove your BIRTH surname (Maiden Surname) for your application.

        I also asked our Honorary Consul about having 2 passports with 2 different surnames on when traveling as I wasn’t sure which surname to book my plane tickets on, etc…. but he said obviously the people at Border Control in Italy are aware that women don’t change their surnames in Italy and as I will be traveling with both passports I won’t have a problem presenting the correct one when asked. He did advise me to always carry an original Unabridged Marriage Certificate in my passport as well… this will reflect my Maiden Surname as well as my Married Surname and my husband’s details.

        Good luck and best wishes 🙂

        1. Hello Vicky,

          Many thanks for your swift and detailed response. I was unsure as on the modello section 2, ‘Dati del Richiedente’ asks for
          ‘Cognome’ and ‘Nome’, but then in section 4 under ‘Dati del Certificato di Nascita’ it asks again for ‘Cognome’ and ‘Nome’, so i figured that they had finally recognized the fact that people in other countries legally change their names after marriage 😀

          The thing is that my identity card and legal documents here in Italy are all in my married name, yet my citizenship/passport will be in my maiden name?!This certainly is a crazy country!! 🙂

          Thanks again and best wishes 🙂

  53. Hi Giovanna

    You can find the new legislation on the “Gazzetta Ufficiale della Republica Italiana” (Anno 159° Numero 281 del 3 dicembre 2018). Other changes were brought through on “Numero 231 del 4 ottobre 2018”

    Here is the full “Gazetta Ufficiale della Republica Italiana: Numero 281 del 3 dicembre 2018” > the part you are looking for is on page 5 (page 9 on pdf):

    Here is a 6 point summary:

    You can also read the following:

    Excerpt translated into English:
    “n Article 14: in paragraph 1, after letter a) the following is inserted: ‘A-bis) after Article 9 the following is inserted: “Article 9.1 – 1. The granting of Italian citizenship aipursuant to Articles 5 and 9 and subject to possession, by of the interested party, of an adequate knowledge of the Italian language, not lower than the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for knowledge of languages (CEFR). To this end, the applicants, who have not signed the integration agreement referred to to article 4-bis of the consolidated text referred to in the legislative decree 25 July 1998, n. 286, or who are not holders of permission to EU residence for long-term residents as referred to in Article 9 of the same single text, are kept, at the time of presentation of the instance, to certify the possession of a qualification issued by a public or joint educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, the University and the research and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation international or the Ministry of Education, University and of research, or to produce appropriate certification issued by a certification body recognized by the Ministry of Education, of the university and research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation or the Ministry of Education, of the university and of research”

    I hope this helps 😉
    Have a lovely day further

    1. @vicy
      Now the question is when to present this b1 level certificate while the time you apply for citizenship i mean after 2 or 3 years
      Or at the end when all the 7 steps ends, I don’t really have any idea when to present this because I didn’t applied yet because i am left with few months to apply for Italian citizenship, now they will want me to present it with the documents i will submit i mean birth certificate, pollice clearance certificate, etc etc

      1. @Wanderer… If I understand you correctly, you have not yet done your online application?
        You will then unfortunately have to have the “Level B1” or higher language certification… as your date of application will be AFTER 4 December 2018.

        I would presume that if you are a new applicant you will upload the “Level B1” or higher certificate with your other documents when you do your online application… although I don’t know whether the “file upload option” for this “document” has been added to the online application page of documents to be uploaded yet… so if the online application website hasn’t been updated yet, I would presume that your consulate will notify you of the new required document to include it when you send/submit your original documents to your consulate.

        IMO it would be a logistical nightmare to apply the new law to existing applications as you will have already submitted your application and original documents… which will now be sitting somewhere at a consulate or in Italy already… so to add another piece of paper to an application already being “processed” will be almost impossible.
        Therefore I also don’t think that you will be allowed to submit your application now and only submit your “Level B1 Certificate” at a later stage as your application is done as a whole with ALL your required documents… if anything is missing they will not complete your application.

        You were asking when you will “present this b1 level certificate” when you only have a few months left to apply for your citizenship? I have not seen any “deadline” actually enforced in which you need to apply for citizenship after the “eligible date”. The “deadline” for the MINISTRY is now 48 months (4 years) in which your Application needs to be finalized… only after this time can you take the matter further if you have not yet received any notification regarding the status of your application, if there is no just cause… obviously if your application was incomplete and you didn’t submit all the required documents the Ministry will have just cause not to grant your application.

        It would be wise to send an email to your local Italian Consulate asking for clarification and advise regarding this matter… and if there is such a “deadline” if they will allow you more time to submit your application – to be able to obtain the Level B1 Certificate… as you will NOT be able to submit your application at all if you don’t have ALL the required documents (including the new requirement)… the consulate will not submit your application to Italy if you do not have a complete application.
        Unfortunately if you already have your “Police Clearance Certificate” you will need to get a new one closer to the time when you have ALL your required documents as the Police Clearance Certificate can’t be older than 6 months before the date of your online application.

        This serves as a friendly warning to anyone out there that has been married for a while already, but who hasn’t submitted their application yet… don’t waste any time on this… submit as soon as you can after the required 2 or 3 year waiting period… you never know what new regulations like this can stall or stop your application completely. You have 2 or 3 years of being married to get all your documentation in order… don’t delay.
        Also… you have at least 2 or 3 years of being married to an Italian before you can apply for citizenship… so encourage him/her to speak Italian to you to help you learn the language. It’s a beautiful language and I know it might be hard to learn a new language, but it does show a little respect to the country you are asking to give you citizenship… and it also might “score you brownie points” and help you to interact better with your new Italian in-laws 😉

        Good luck guys
        Buon fine settimana!

        1. @vicky
          Thx for the reply, yes I didn’t applied yet for the citizenship i will apply after few months but if i have to present this B1 with the documents it is impossible to do it, if they have the option to submit it while the application is under process it will be v easy for us
          Any way what to say
          We have to work on it from now

        2. Thanks Vicky for all of the info and links! It’s so helpful! I keep looking on the Farnesina website and there isn’t any mention yet of the new language requirement for citizenship via marriage, although they do have an update about the rise in the application fee based on the new ruling. I suppose we’ll hear eventually from the consulates and Farnesina website. Fingers crossed!

  54. Thanks Giovanni for starting this blog. I am going through the process and have one tip to share and one question hoping someone might know the answer to.

    First the tip: After going through the very lengthy process of collecting, notarizing, certifying, translating, stamping ….etc the police certificates from the two countries I lived in since the age of 14 and submitting these along with the rest of the documents I get an email 48 hours later from the Italian embassy where I applied saying that my application was received but I need to also submit a police certificate for the country I was born in even if I haven’t lived in that country beyond the age of 14. This is something that they don’t mention anywhere on their website. I know that this might not apply to many people but there are folks out there that were born in countries where they did not live at all (left right after birth) or left before the age of 14. So it was very frustrating after completing all the paperwork to get that curve ball and have to go through another bureaucratic dejavu of notarization, stamping, certifying, translating, all over again. So keep that in mind if you are like me and were born in a country but left before the age of 14. You STILL need to provide a police certificate from that country.

    My question is: I’m now concerned about the validity of the police certificates from the two countries that I submitted to the Italian embassy as they might be expiring (exceeding 6 months since they were issued) soon. Im worried that they would expire before I can get the police certificate from my country of birth. I know that the 6 month expiration counter stops once you submit the documents online but Im not sure if that applies to my case since they haven’t fully accepted my application as its still missing the country of birth police certificate. Does anyone have a similar experience that they can share?

    1. Hi Bimmer

      Wow, you really have had a terrible time getting all your documentation together 🙁
      I wish I knew how to help you… the only advice I could offer you is to contact the consulate again to query the following:

      As far as I can tell you have already submitted your Online Application and you have physically handed in/couriered your original documents to the consulate?

      If this is the case, there MIGHT be a small chance that you will not have to redo the other 2 Police Clearance Certificates as the requirements state that the police clearance certificates need to be not older than 6 months from DATE OF ONLINE APPLICATION. As you have already submitted your Online Application with those 2 valid Police Clearance Certificates, they should accept them and allow you to obtain the other Police Clearance Certificate to add…. BUT… it would be best to confirm this directly with the Italian Consulate, explaining your case to them. Maybe they will give you a “grace period” to add the missing Police Clearance certificate from your birth country?

      I will try to do some more research on my side for you as well… but in the meantime, prepare for the worst and start getting everything together again to re-apply for those 2 Police Clearance Certificates 🙁 Holding thumbs that you don’t have to…. but try to get that Police Clearance certificate from your birth country ASAP. I know it’s hard, but try to stay positive… you’ve come so far already…. this too shall pass 😉

      Best of luck

  55. Hi Giovanna – thank you for this excellent summary, which reflects my own experience. Wish I had seen it sooner! We now have our final documents together (the process of submitting our apostilled and translated marriage certificate via the consulate in London and to receive the estratto took thirteen months)!

    Has anybody raised any issues with the €200 transfer to the Ministero dell’interno . We’re entirely UK based and don’t have a Euro account. My high street bank (Santander) will make the payment and we can stipulate recipient to receive €200 (so the bank simply deducts the necessary sterling from our account to achieve this). But I have horrible visions of the international payment system making further fee deductions from what we send (for example I used to have a UK based Euro account and my bank charged about €10 to receive a payment) so potentially less than €200 arriving. Even worse, despite having some kind of printed receipt (which may in fact only be a screen shot from my bank) I can’t imagine how the consulate in London will identify my €200 payment amongst the millions of payments that Poste Italiane receives !

    Does anyone have any experience of this or guidance ?

    1. Good morning Harvito

      Herewith my experience regarding the payment of the Application Fee… probably a bit of useless information for you, but I am doing it as a ‘general information’ post that might be useful to someone else as well 😉

      1. The fee is now €250.00 and not €200.00

      2. Do you use Online Banking / Banking App with your Bank Account? Most banks have an option for “Forex Payments” on your Online Banking profile. You can phone your bank to help you setup your Online Banking Profile if you haven’t done so yet… they should also be able to explain to you how to make a Forex Payment with your Online Banking. I could give you a full screenshot tutorial on how to do the online Forex payment, but it won’t help you one bit as all banks and their online banking / Apps are so different.

      3. The Italian Consulate will give you the correct banking details… it will look something like this (take note of the required payment reference). **Please check the banking details yourself that you received from your Italian Consulate, this is just an example:

      Payment instructions
      a- Revenue stamps to be paid in cash/ EFT to the Consulate
      b- Euro 250 to be transferred internationally into the following account:
      Type: post office account (POSTE ITALIANE SPA)
      Bank and Account holder: MINISTERO DELL’INTERNO D.L.C.I. – CITTADINANZA
      Address of account holder: Piazza del Viminale n. 1 – 00184 Roma
      IBAN: IT54D0760103200000000809020
      reference must state: “Domanda cittadinanza”: name, surname (for women maiden surname only) and date of
      birth of the person who applies for citizenship.

      4. When you do the actual payment online, it will ask you if the charges [SWIFT/IBAN (International Fees)/Banking fees] are for the account of the BENEFICIARY or for your OWN account… you must select for YOUR OWN account… otherwise your payment will be short. There should be no other deductions from the recipient’s account as you have already selected to pay ALL fees from your own account. On my payment (under “Charge Details”) it clearly stated “Charge Option – All charges for applicants account”.
      Could it maybe have been that your “UK based Euro account” was charged €10 because the person paying you didn’t select to pay all the charges him/herself?

      For those of you that would like to know what “SWIFT” / “IBAN” stands for:
      SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. It is a messaging network that financial institutions use to securely transmit information and instructions through a standardized system of codes.
      The main difference between an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code lies in what they identify. A SWIFT code is used to identify a specific bank during an international transaction, whereas IBAN is used to identify an individual account involved in the international transaction.

      The payment from the FOREX Payments section on your online banking profile will always be in the recipient’s currency (i.e. Euro for Italy). You will be asked to select which country your payment will be made to (select Italy and it will automatically change the currency to Euro).

      You can phone your bank to ask what their SWIFT/banking fees are for Forex payments online, but my online banking actually gave me a quote with all the applicable fees/charges and amounts as well ask asking which one of your bank accounts need to be debited for the fees… you then need to “confirm” the quote in order to process the payment. Once the payment is made you can download the proof of payment from your online banking profile… my bank also emailed me confirmation as soon as the payment when trough… this is what I printed to send with my application.

      4. If you are not comfortable with doing the payment yourself via online banking, you can go to your bank and ask them to make the payment for you (I don’t know if the fees will be more this way or not). You will also have to phone your bank first and ask what documents they require from you in order to do the payment (not all banks require the same documentation)… you will then also tell them that ALL the fees will be for YOUR account. Double-check that they insert the correct banking details and PAYMENT REFERENCE and make sure you get a stamped proof of payment from the bank for the €250.00. Be very clear with your bank consultant/clerk that you need a proper proof of payment reflecting the amount in Euro, date of payment, beneficiary details, beneficiary account details and the correct payment reference. (Take a printed copy of the ‘payment instructions’ from the Italian Consulate with you to the bank).

      5. Your consulate in London will not have to “identify the €250 payment amongst the millions of payments that Poste Italiane receives” > Your payment goes straight to Italy (Rome), not to your local consulate… it is a bank account belonging to the Italian Ministry – for Citizenship Applications (Bank and Account holder: MINISTERO DELL’INTERNO D.L.C.I. – CITTADINANZA)

      It is very important that your PAYMENT REFERENCE is correct though:
      “reference must state: “Domanda cittadinanza”: name, surname (for women maiden surname only) and date of
      birth of the person who applies for citizenship” (E.g. DOMANDA CITTADINANZA: JAMES FRASER 15-05-1981)

      Your payment will also have a unique “payment reference number” from your bank… this will all be on your “proof of payment” you will send with your application – so they (Italy/MINISTERO DELL’INTERNO) will be able to ‘pick up your payment’ on THEIR bank account. Your consulate in London will only look at your printed proof of payment to see that it has the correct details and amount on, etc. before they send it off to Italy with your application.

      Best wishes for 2019 and I hope you all have a great week ahead 🙂

    2. Hi Harvito (and thanks Vicky for the reply about your experience),

      For me, I paid the application fee through my UK Santander bank and made the transfer online (bank fee £15). I then saved the page as a pdf that confirmed the payment was made with a receipt. I uploaded that pdf to the site when I did my application and no one questioned me about it.

      Also, as Vicky as already said, the application fee is now 250 euros.

      Good luck! x

  56. Hi Giovanna,
    I submitted my application in early October 2017 (after spending 6 months collecting all the required paperwork and more money in postage that I care to admit). I also paid the application fee. I like, many others, have had no feedback. I have two concerns – I did not upload all the paperwork as a single PDF file – does that mean they will have only received the last one I uploaded? It’s impossible to for me to see what was actually uploaded and received. Also I have heard there is a change in the law and now it can take over 4 years (which seems slightly absurd). The UK is also being bombarded with applications yet my husband’s in totality took less than 8 weeks. Finally I read somewhere if they have not acknowledged or declined your application after two years you automatically have citizenship (which is of pointless because you can’t get in touch with anyone). The email address you mention has been disabled now. Is there anything that a solicitor can do to assist in the process? They want £500 just to have a chat – again seems like bonkers given the process. Thanks,

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I hear your frustration! I know some of the people that commented on this post mentioned that they waited at least about a year and a half before they heard from the London consulate and some people I know in New York waited 3 years for an appointment. To answer your first question, I uploaded my pdf incorrectly and when the consulate checked my application, they asked me to do it again in the correct way by going back on the Farnesina website where next to my application, there was a little button that I could click on to upload a new pdf. Once I did that, two months later the consulate sent me an email to notify me of my appointment.

      The previous law was that once your application was accepted (meaning you had your appointment at the consulate and handed in your original documents), if two years had passed and you were still in the process, you would automatically get your Italian citizenship. The new law which was passed in December has now changed the wait to 4 years, requires those who apply for citizenship via marriage also have a B1 level of Italian and has raised the application fee to 250 Euros, but other than the parliament website which published the new law when it was voted on, I’ve only seen the consular websites and Minister dell’Interno website updated with the new application fee. There is no mention of the change in wait time or the language certificate requirement. I don’t know what that means and I’m sorry I can’t tell you more. I don’t know what a solicitor could do, I haven’t used one for my process, so I can’t tell you if it’s worth paying that money or if they can speed up the process for you now that you’ve already sent in your application. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. Everything takes ages. I had my appointment at the consulate last year and they transferred my application to the citizenship office in Venice when I moved here at the end of 2017 and I’m still at stage 1. I’m expecting it to take at least another two years, but probably longer. x Giovanna

  57. Hello Giovanna,
    I didn’t know I had to legalise my documents before submitting them online.
    Do you know if I can upload it after receiving the code K10/K10C or should I submit it via email?

    Thanks a lot,

  58. Thank you everyone, especially Giovanna and Vicky. Giovanna, I used Words at Hand for my UK Police Report translation, thanks for the referral. The 150 quid was well worth it- timely translation and a physical visit to Consulate in London for Certification of the police document, which saved me a trip from NYC to London. For the USA docs, I used and they were speedy and about $33.00 for every page of up to 250 words per page.
    Vicky, thanks for laying it all out there. My process was pretty much exactly as you wrote.
    I began collecting my 5 police reports, birth cert etc in May 2018. My translations & apostilles were all in place by mid October. I uploaded my docs and fee to Italy in early November. My Consulate interview here in NYC was in early December. I am currently in “Step 2” of the “7-step” process.
    My estimate is that I saved somewhere between 4-5K$ by doing everything myself and not hiring a consultant (except for the UK translator).
    A few things that helped me along:
    Organization: I put together a 3-ring binder with loadable plastic sleeves to store my physical docs and keep track of everything. I made a task list with timeline and deadline for every document needed, and made this Page 1, writing down the dates for every request/mailing/translation time/apostille etc. Very OCD but it kept me on track time and task wise, and my consular official was quite impressed lol.
    Names: What Vicky wrote above about maiden names is very important. My passport has my maiden and married names, and thus for every application, request, even return mailing address I used exactly those names. I’ll add that if you have an a/k/a for example, a shortened version of your formal name which you more frequently use, make sure to include it.
    New Laws: My understanding is that if you applied prior to 5 Oct 2018 (when the law was still provisional) you are exempt from from the new up to 4-year waiting period (please correct me if this is not true). I was also told by an official, that there would potentially be an applicant language requirement of “B-level” (I think he said B-sorry, we don’t use this level system over here so again, correct me please).
    Thanks again for all, and now, we wait.

    1. Hi Alyson
      Thank you for your input of personal experience as well 🙂
      Just a note on your last comment regarding the “4 year waiting period” for people that applied prior to 5 October 2018…
      My brother-in-law submitted his application over 2 years ago (October 2016) and he is actually the first one that told me about the new “4 year application period” as he received an email notification from the consulate to inform him that the “application processing period” has been increased to 4 years… so I think it applies to ALL applications, existing as well as new applications 🙁

      I sincerely hope that the people here on Giovanna’s site will keep us updated and let us know when they eventually receive their Citizenship/Italian Passports (with date of application/submitting online) so we can see how long it takes and from where they applied, etc. … and of course so we can congratulate them at last 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Good luck and best wishes for the long wait 😉

  59. Hey Giovanna,

    I’m starting the process soon and it looks like a new law went into effect in December 2018, where applicants applying through marriage now need to provide evidence of Italian language at a b1 level (intermediate).

  60. Hi Giovanna/all,

    Thanks for all the info posted… really helpful specially with all the latest changes.

    Are there updates on where people who uploaded documents before 4th of December stand with the B1 Italian certificate? I uploaded all my documents in February 2018, still no response and I don’t know whether I have to get the certificate when I apply for citizenship.


  61. Hi Giovanna,
    an amazing blog. Thanks.

    I am in the process of applying for an Italian passport but cant understand whether i need to have the English and Italian translation of my Birth Certificate and Criminal Record legalised or only the English. Any ideas?

    many thanks

    1. Hi T De Lisio

      Firstly, I presume you mean you are in the process for applying for Italian Citizenship, not “passport”… as you can’t apply for an Italian Passport if you don’t have Italian Citizenship yet 😉

      I would also need to know what country you are applying from (your home/official language) and what you mean by “legalised” to understand your question better.

      Your question could mean 1 of 2 things…

      1. You have TWO translations… so your original Birth Certificate and Criminal Record Certificates are not in English or Italian and you translated them into BOTH languages (English + Italian)? If this is the case you would not have had to translate it into English… they are only interested in the ITALIAN translations (you should have just had your original certificates translated into Italian).

      2. Your question could also mean that you have already translated your original ENGLISH birth certificate and criminal record certificate into ITALIAN and now you want to know if you need the originals as well as Italian translations “legalized” by your Department of International Relations?

      This is why I need to know a little more about your situation to be able to answer you accordingly..

      There is the difference between “Apostilled”/Legalizing your ORIGINAL (government issued) certificates and “Legalizing” (putting an Italian Revenue Stamp on and relevant confirmations & signing of all your documents that are in ITALIAN)…

      Your country’s Department of International Relations can only “legalize/Apostille” documents that have been issued by your country… so they can’t “legalize/Apostille” anything else like your Italian Translation, etc… they ONLY legalize documents issued by GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY (e.g. Birth Certificates and Police Issued Criminal Record Certificates, etc.)

      Any government issued certificate (Birth Certificate + Criminal Record Certificate, etc.) must be “legalized” (Apostilled) by the country that ISSUED it (your country of birth/residence). In my country we call it “DIRCO” (Department of International Relations and Cooperation). This department is just confirming the legality of your certificate/s – confirming that the certificate is not a fake and that it recognizes the official that signed the certificate and their rank/position. Once you have your ‘Apostilled Certificate” attached to your Original Certificate, you must have it all Translated into ITALIAN. It is recommended that you have your ORIGINAL certificates “legalized” (Apostilled) FIRST, before your have them translated into Italian as the information on the Apostilled Certificate attached to your Original Certificate is needed to do the translation into Italian correctly (name and rank confirmations of officials, etc.)

      These ITALIAN translations will be stamped and signed by the registered sworn translator, BUT these translation documents then have to get an ‘Italian Revenue Stamp’ on and the sworn translators’ signature must be verified on the Translation by the Italian Consulate (Italy’s form of “legalizing” your Italian Documents)

      Herewith the process again of getting your documents “Apostilled” and “Translated”:

      *Apostille: in South Africa we have Government Documents “Apostilled” by DIRCO – Department of International Relations and Cooperation. You need to courier your original Government Document/s to them with a covering letter stating for which COUNTRY you require the Apostille/Legalization for – you obviously select ITALY
      Follow your local “DIRCO” instructions for submitting and retrieving documents to and from them.

      The “Apostille” is a page (certificate) with a seal on attached to your original document with ribbon (can’t be removed from the original document thereafter without damaging/nullifying the Apostille/seal). This “Apostille” (certificate attached to your original document) has the details of the person who signed the Government Document and confirms the legality, signator and his/her official title/position.

      ** Translation: When you receive your Original Document with “Apostille” back from DIRCO, you will have to send it all to a ‘Registered Sworn Translated’ to have it all Translated into Italian (you can get a list of Registered Sworn Translators from your local Italian Consulate). The sworn translator normally has their own stamp with details & credentials on that they will stamp on the official translation page/certificate and send the original to you. (I paid ZAR200/about Euro12.50 per translation page in October 2018).

      The Italian Translation then needs the appropriate Italian Revenue Stamps from the Italian Consulate / Honorary Consul (Euro24 for these stamps as at November 2018) and “legalized” by the Italian Consulate or your local Honorary Consul. The Italian Consulate or Italian Honorary Consul/Vise Consul must sign next to the Sworn Translator’s signature and physically write that he/she confirms that the person who did the translation is a ‘Registered Sworn Translator’ and the amount paid in Euro and your home currency is recorded next to the revenue stamps).

      You would have done both your Unabridged Birth Certificate as well as your Police Clearance Certificate (not older than 6 months) this way – Apostilled and Translated and Revenue Stamps Applied, etc. – so you will have THREE pages for each (original document, Apostille Page and Italian Translation) – make sure you scan all THREE these pages for each original document TOGETHER > i.e. ONE pdf file for 3 pages (3 pages in ONE pdf file for your Unabridged Birth Certificate and 3 pages in ONE pdf file for your Police Clearance Certificate) > you MUST UPLOAD all 3 these pages in ONE pdf file on your online application! VERY important

      I hope this helps 🙂

    2. Hi T,
      You don’t mention if you’re a US citizen or UK citizen and that your original documents are in English. Assuming that they are in English, the originals will need an apostille (or be legalised if your documents are from the UK). The translations will also need to be legalised/apostilled. As Vicky mentioned in her reply to you (thank you, Vicky), depending on where you’re from or where your documents are being translated, the process may be a little different on how you get the apostille. However, whatever the case, the original copies and the translations need to be legalised/apostilled. The translator I hired in New York to translate my US documents was very helpful in giving me more information about how to get the apostille. I hired a British translator to translate my UK police certificate and then I had it legalised. Good luck with everything! x

  62. Hi Giovanna I want to ask you something I am in Italy and I have applied for the cizitenship but now me and my wife want to move to uk
    I have 5 years family card but I don’t now if i should transfer my resident in uk or not I am not shure if I lose my family card

    1. Hi Ben,
      I’m not really sure either if you’ll lose your family card. However, when you and your wife move to the UK, she will need to register with l’AIRE at the consulate in the UK (London or Edinburgh depending on where you live). As a spouse of an Italian citizen, you will be registered as well and the consulate can tell you about what will happen with your family card. But I suggest your wife registers with l’AIRE as they will be able to find you and let you know of your citizenship status. Good luck with everything! x

  63. Hello Giovanna! This is great, thanks, I’m in the process of applying myself, and I have one question that maybe someone can help with. On page 9 on the portal it asks for addresses, and it seems it wants my past addresses rather than just now. How far back do they want me to go? I have lived in a lot of places! Did you give a full address history?

    1. Hi Gillian

      I see Giovanna hasn’t replied much in the past few days…so I hope you (and Giovanna) doesn’t mind me butting in here again 🙂

      They want your full address history from the age of 14.

      This was my experience:
      I had a problem with the portal accepting my “dates” for the addresses on “page 9” and it was because of the date that I had entered on “page 3” (under date I started living at my current address) – the dates can’t overlap. I just adjusted the date on “page 3” to 1 day after I “left my previous address” and it accepted the dates.

      I also wasn’t sure how far back I should go so I asked our Hon. Vice Consul and he said they want to know every single address you lived at from the age of 14. As I only left my very first address (from birth) after the age of 14 (I was 17 when we moved for the first time), I entered the following addresses and dates:

      PAGE 9 > Address 1:
      my date of birth (1981) – 31/07/1998
      (I was older than 14 when we moved in 1998, so I put the date “from” and “to” as “date of birth” to “the day we moved”)
      *You would then also have to look at where you lived when you turned 14 and put the “from” date as your actual date you started living at the address when you turned 14 and the date you left that address…. then enter every single address you lived at after that

      PAGE 9 > Address 2:
      01/08/1998 (day after we moved from “address 1”) – 22/09/2014 (day before I moved to my current address)

      ***PAGE 3 > this is where you put your CURRENT address
      23/09/2014 – on page 3 they just ask you for the date you started living at your CURRENT address… so it will be 1 day after the day you left your previous address (on page 9)

      Hope this helps 😉

    2. Hi Gillian (and Vicky 🙂 )
      I gave my full address history from 14 years of age to the time I applied. I tried to be as thorough as possible as I didn’t want any mistakes to hold the process.
      Thank you, Vicky, for giving such a thorough answer!
      Good luck with everything x

  64. Hello! I just learned from the consulate official I’ve been working with to update all my vital statistics and register my kids and wife in Italy that now there’s this Italian Language requirement. It’s devastating. My wife isn’t great at languages and doesn’t, obviously, speak Italian. Is this a law change? How realistic is it for a 40-something native English speaker to be able to achieve a B1 proficiency? I don’t even speak Italian – my family spoke Neapolitan, and didn’t teach it to me growing up.

    1. Hi Rick, A new law was passed in December 2018 that requires those who are applying for Italian citizenship through marriage to have a B1 level (lower intermediate) of Italian. They need to have a certificate issued by an accredited language institution. I’ve written some more information about this at the top of this post and you can check out here on where institutions abroad can supply you with a certificate. While this is a new law regarding a language requirement for getting Italian citizenship via marriage, there is already a language requirement for those who apply for citizenship based on residency. A B1 language level is lower intermediate and I imagine that, bar any learning disabilities, it’s not impossible to achieve this level of language at any age. It’s not clear yet at which stage of the citizenship process you need to provide evidence of meeting the language requirement, but as the process can take a long time (up to a four year wait now), the time could be used to take a language course and pass the exam. x

  65. Hi Giovanna
    I agree with Rick that the B1 test requirement is frustrating. I am just researching now to find out what I need to apply for Italian Citizenship thru marriage. My husband just got his American citizenship within the past year and now I want to get my citizenship for Italy. I just saw in the news now about how the US now will need to get a visa to travel to Europe. So I figure I should get my Citizenship started. After reading the comments on this post I have learned that getting Citizenship for Italy is going to be a very long process. I am still not understanding the B1 test and how to go about getting it. I apparently need to take a language course to take the test but not sure how or where. The Italian Consulate in Boston doesn’t have any direct links to anything and I am finding it confusing.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      The new language requirement is frustrating because there seems to be little information out there. However, I see that the consulate websites have been updated and you can find out about which language schools abroad provide the certification via this link. The new visa law for Americans visiting Europe will start in 2021, so you have a little bit of time. It’ll be very similar to the ESTA visa that’s been a requirement for a few years for citizens from visa-free countries. Hope this all helps and good luck! x Giovanna

  66. I have just received my citizenship confirmation in the post! Applied in Sep 2016, notification on website changed end Sep 2018 to ‘approved and all parties are being notified’
    Waited another 6 months for the official letter! I was a bit scared that the new law will have an effect, but clearly it did not.

  67. Does anyone have leads on courses that will take you through beginner (speaking 0 words of standard Italian) to B1 enough to be confident in taking the test? Does the test have to be taken in-person at U Pennsylvania? Is there anyone who can do remote training that would have a certification acceptable to Italy?

  68. Also, any advice on when I should submit my wife’s application? This is all very frustrating and disappointing. I know things with immigration are not great in Italy right now but this blanket policy change (and the slowdown in processing) hurts Italian citizens.

  69. Hi Giovanna,

    Firstly, thank you for sharing your experience and trying to help others. I’m wondering if you can help me.

    I’m Brazilian and also have an Italian citizenship. I’m married for more than 10 year and I’m current living in London with my husband. My Aire is registered in here (actually is under lavorazione since Oct/17). We are preparing the documents to apply for my husband’s citizenship. My question is: Will he get any document allowing him to continue living in here while the process is pending of approval? His visa is now being sponsored by her employer but he wants to resign / change jobs.

    Could you please help us with this doubt?

    Kind regards.

  70. Hi Giovanna,
    I applied for citizenship under Jure matrimoni in the US on 11/17. Since I submitted the original documents a year before the new law went into effect, I had a natural concern that the language requirement would possibly be applied retroactively. While I have a few semesters of Italian under my belt, I wouldn’t want to jeopardize an ongoing process through an exam. The consulate has been responsive where I live and it would seem that the only aspect which applies to the applicants in queue is the increased waiting period of 48 months. I found this circolare ( from January of this year which supposedly indicates that only applications after 12/05/2018 will be required to present the B1 certificate.

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