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my favourite moka coffee pot

Shopping for a Moka Coffee Pot

I usually drink tea first thing in the morning, but since we got a coffee grinder, I’ve been making coffee. I LOVE hearing that metallic whirrrrrr pulverizing the beans first thing in the morning. It gets me excited to start the day. We have two coffee pots at home, a 1-cup and a 6 cup. […]

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A Spritz in Venice

The Spritz – A Classic Venetian Drink

“Dood, dood. We got a situation,” Davide said to me, meaning only one thing. I had just felt the first rumble of my stomach and was so excited he was hungry, too. I sunk to one knee and did a fist pump. “YES!” It was a hot afternoon in the Veneto and we were at […]

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There’s always time for a nice limonata

Now that it’s April, the memories of summers in Italy come pouring in and unless I do something about it, I’m going to sit here on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon in an Italian reverie ignoring the grey clouds of London outside. It’s time for a mint limonata.

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