Month: July 2015

Getting Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in ‘Marriage Italian Style’ Next year I’ll be able to apply for my Italian citizenship. (Thank you, Davide!) I’m starting now because it’s going to take awhile. For those of you who have to go through the same thing, I’m going to tell you how to do it. Collect the […]

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my favourite moka coffee pot

Shopping for a Moka Coffee Pot

I usually drink tea first thing in the morning, but since we got a coffee grinder, I’ve been making coffee. I LOVE hearing that metallic whirrrrrr pulverizing the beans first thing in the morning. It gets me excited to start the day. We have two coffee pots at home, a 1-cup and a 6 cup. […]

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sour dough bread

“Don’t Eat the Stale Bread Dry”

When I was 19, a few weeks after my Nonna Concetta died, I had a dream about her. Me and my cousins were in a car, cruising around Ischia, one of the islands in the bay of Naples where my grandmother was from. We came across a house on top of a hill. My grandmother […]

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How to Get into Europe

Since immigration laws for non-EU citizens in Europe are getting stricter by the minute, if you’re really serious about moving to Europe and staying here, you’ll need a visa. Laws also change quickly, so please check the consulate or embassy page for up-to-date information. How to Get into Europe The EU is made up of […]

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Recipe of Cannellini Summer Soup

Recipe: Cannellini Summer Soup

After a week of eating like pigs in Venice, I came back craving a simple soup my mom used to make during the summer. She used to make this whether we were in Napoli or back in the Hudson Valley with beans and tomatoes from the garden. This soup is perfect for one of those […]

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